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The NDC And Education In Sefwiman (Part One)

The NDC And Education In Sefwiman Part One

“Our progress as a nation” according to J.F Kennedy, the 25th President of America “can be no swifter than our progress in education and the human mind is our fundamental resource”. The National Democratic Congress having realized the wisdom in this quote decided to tackle the educational needs of Sefwiman so that there will be good and vocal leaders to lead them in their fight for their fair share of the national cake.

Before NDC came to power, the Sefwi Wiawso Training College (WATICO), Sefwi Bibiani (BISEC) and Sefwi Wiawso Secondary School (SEWASS) were the only institutions of higher learning in Sefwiman.

These few institutions of higher learning were woefully inadequate to serve the growing numbers of youth in Sefwiman who were aspiring to climb the academic ladder as their counterparts from other parts of the country.

During our school days in the 1980's for instance, the only two Secondary Schools in Sefwiman could not contain the youth and 90% of them had to travel to other parts of the country to satisfy their academic thirst. The NDC in its wisdom and with the interest of Sefwiman at heart has brought College education to the doorsteps of the youth of Sefwiman.

Sefwi Wiawso Training College has been upgraded to a College of Education and apart from Bibiani and Sefwi Wiawso Secondary Schools, Sefwiman can boast of eight more Senior High Schools built by the government. They are Sefwi Wiawso Secondary and Technical College, Sefwi Bekwai, Akontombra, Asawinso, Juaboso and Debiso Secondary School with the latest one being Sefwi Asempaneye Secondary School. Juaboso Constituency alone can boast of two of these Secondary Schools.

Our opponents will argue that despite the creation of these schools education is still expensive and it is beyond the reach of the ordinary Ghanaian but my advice to such people is that if they think” education is expensive then they should try illiteracy”.

Ghanaians must not lose sight of the fact that if a man empties his wallet into his head, no one can take it from him; therefore there is the need for all Sefwis to help the NDC government to resource our human capital base by utilizing the institutions of higher learning that has been brought to our doorstep.

Eye Zu, Eye Za!

Long live Ghana!!

Long live Sefwiman!!!

Long live Juaboso Constituency!!!!

And long live NDC!!!!!