Are Sehwiman MPs Representing Them In Parliament Or On Radio/FM/TV Stations?

Feature Article Are Sehwiman MPs Representing Them In Parliament Or On RadioFMTV Stations?

Parliament is the only law making body in Ghana and members to this august body are elected through Universal Adult Suffrage to be the link between their people and the government. This in effect makes our MP's the voice of their people in Parliament but not on Radio or FM Stations.

Being the voice of their people, empowers them to present their problems to the government but it looks like some of the” honorables” from Sefwiman have forgotten they were given the mantle to be in Parliament but not on FM or Radio Stations.

Almost every day, you see the faces and hear the voices of MP's from Sehwiman on TV and Radio stations but it seem like a curse or taboo on them to let Sector Ministers know of the problems in their Constituencies. The voices of these “honorables” are barely heard in Parliament where laws are enacted in the country but on Radio/FM stations they are more than Parrots.

An MP from Sehwiman who had the opportunity to serve on the Committee for Roads and Highways could not submit a single request to the Sector Minister even though roads in his constituency are worse than the entire road network in Sehwiman. The roads in in his Constituency can only be compared to that of “Wansan Kwan”- deer track (courtesy of Late Prof. Adu Boahen of NPP fame.

There is a Member of Parliament from Sehwiman who is a Deputy Minister in the present government. His Ministry is in charge of Works, Housing and Water Resources but not a single working Tap or Borehole in his Constituency. Water running through water closet in urban areas is better than drinking water in his Constituency.

Oh My God! What has Sehwiman done to deserve this?

Were Sefwiman MP'S elected to Parliament or to Radio/FM/TV stations? Radio Gold, DE beat, Peace and Rainbow FM Studios are not where we elected you to. The Studios of these Radio/FM/TV Stations are not the Parliament house of Ghana. Since when did our MP'S become Public Relation Officers of their respective Political parties?

It is not bad defending and explaining the policies of the government to your constituents but remember them and their problems. Let their problems be a yoke on your neck.

Had it not been that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) cares for the rural folks just like the urban folks, life in Sehwiman would have been miserable and laborious like it used to be 40 years ago. It looks like our MP's have forgotten why we gave them our mandate.

Please, you are not in Parliament to be Backbenchers and only say” I concur” to anything other MP's say and then go to Radio Stations to show your grammatical prowess.

Honourable Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, Sampson Ahi, Evans Aidoo, Harold Cobbina, K. Aboagye-Gyedu, Richard Achiampong and M.C.Boampong alias Bia Mugabe, that poor pregnant woman need you to fight for good health care facilities for her. The poor cocoa farmer in your constituency is crying because he needs a good road, good drinking water and insecticide (Asukuo aduro) to spray his cocoa farm so that he can get good harvest and enough money to take care of his children in school who have been denied scholarship from the Cocoa Marketing Board.

Posterity will not forgive you if you fail to help solve the problems for which you were elected and if you think you are doing your best then from the people of Sehwiman YOUR BEST IS NOT ENOUGH.