Kpegah And His NDC's Day Of Shame!

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APR 23, 2013 LISTEN

Yesterday, I wrote a piece which exposed the pathetic folly of Kpegah's suit against Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. In that piece, I pointed out the obvious facts that Kpegah and his lot of rabid Ndc supporters failed to look at before sending the present suit before the court for consideration.

As expected, the lot of Ndc supporters who skimmed through the piece repeated in commenting on the piece, the same preposterous and naïve questions Kpegah pretends to ask in his suit and which has been addressed severally.

I say Kpegah pretends to ask those questions because no former Supreme Court justice worth his wig and gown would dabble in the child's play that Kpegah is currently dabbling in. And none,indeed none,would feign ignorance of the law and practice which he has been used to for the most part of his adult life and ask the questions which he is asking.

Ordinarily, it is good to ignore those imprudent questions and their questioners but this is no ordinary situation. This is a situation involving an honorable gentleman and a self-confessed partisan Tribalist who nearly became the Chief Justice of our Motherland. What one can tell, obviously, is that Kpegah and his rabid lot are on an agenda to destroy the hard-won reputation of the Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

It is commonplace understanding that the Ndc has sponsored several attempts to destroy the name of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, a reputation which among the few sensible realists amongst them is indestructible. They have done it all! From alleging that Nana Addo is a murderer, by claiming he murdered one of his office clerks in 1996; to alleging that he is a drug addict.

It is known to all who are politically initiated that when the NDC took office in 2009 they conducted five forensic audits into the affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , narrowing all these audits to the time Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was a Minister.

Those audits,rather predictably, amounted to a waste of the Nation's resources as nothing was found against the gentleman. Not satisfied, they moved to his tenure as AG and yet again were disappointed. You cannot find what does not exist now can you?

One is very right in asking, why is the Ndc so bent on achieving the impossible? And you would come sooner to the conclusion which many assertive Ghanaians have already reached that their devilish intent to attack the reputation of Nana Addo is simply motivated by their fear of him.

They are simply intimidated by the strong and honest personality of the Hon. Akufo-Addo. An intimidation that has led them into paranoia and delusion and a complete desertion of their sense of reason, appreciation of logic and worse, knowledge of their status as human beings.

I would briefly and momentarily deal with some questions which have been repeated sheepishly in the wake of Kpegah's intellectually jaundiced suit. I would entreat my kind readers to be patient with me as I repeat some of these ludicrous questions in an attempt to show not just how thoughtless they are but also why such questions can only be asked by persons the NDC.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that a party built on fraud would attract like-minded wags that once told something won't even pause to consider the logical strength or otherwise of what they have been told, should it?

The first question they usually ask is this: If Nana Addo is a lawyer where are his certificates to show that he had legal education? That might sound like a reasonable question on the face of it, but indeed when one reconciles it with the fact that both Honorouable Middle Temple Inn and the Ghana have written to confirm that indeed they awarded certificates to Nana Addo. One would have thought that in alleging that Nana Addo was perpetuating fraud, those rascals would have written to the institutions in question requesting that they provide information on whether Nana Addo was ever issued any certificate by them.

The second question they ask is : Why doesn't Nana Addo have any classmates or why hasn't anyone come out in his defense by saying he was his classmate? A simple reading of the Legal Profession Act, as amended,would show that there exists no requirement in law that a lawyer ,duly called in another jurisdiction who intends to practice in Ghana ought to have classmates or lecturers or show proof of having been taught by a Ghanaian before being called to the Bar.

However, a careful study of all the evidence including the extract from the unimpeachable 'Roll Of Lawyers' and page 34 the records of admission of the august Middle Temple Inn would show that that claim,dressed the form of a question, that Nana Addo has or had no classmates is a cheap and utterly unintelligent lie.

I could indeed go on and on but my kind reader must already be disgusted the clumsy nature of the Ndc thinking factory and the products thereof. I end by stating these facts in anticipation of any other useless question from the Ndc stooges on Ghana web and other places.The facts I state are facts duly confirmed by both the General Legal Council and the Middle Temple Inn.

1.Nana Addo was admitted to the Middle Temple Inn on the 13th January,1969.

2. Nana Addo was called to the English Bar on the 22ndJuly,1971.

3.Nana Addo was called to the Ghana Bar on 8th day of July 1975.

I entreat all my Ndc friends here, to try as much as possible even though it is against their nature not to be polluted by the psychosis of Kpegah,who has obviously become a hare-brained legal assert for their party. I rest my 21 years old brain and prepare for my IA tomorrow. Even though I would miss out on the full fun of Kpegah's cantata, I am sure in predicting,it would be his and his Ndc's day of shame!

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