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Still Slaves Of Foreign Hair Styles

Still Slaves Of Foreign Hair Styles
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My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, for heaven sake, what are you doing to your sacred Continental AfrikaHair, which you do not even know you have let alone accept, honor, as is ?

Why do you continue to contaminate and kill your national and sacred Continental AfrikaHair with all kinds of White man's chemicals, which his White woman scarcely uses on her White/Western hair ?

Why do you still allow others to fool you into accepting the slave/colonial/neocolonial lie that there is something basically wrong with your Continental AfrikaHair for you to change at all cost and by any means necessary, into the White Woman's hair and hairstyles which you are programmed to accept, believe and think of as better than and superior to your Continental AfrikaHair and Hair Style you hate, dislike, disrespect and dishonor so much?

Do you know ninety-nine percent of your today's hairstyles are not your original/Native AfrikaHair and Hairstyles but slave/Western/White/Arab/Jewish hairstyles you are programmed to call yours?

But my Afrikan sisters in USA, can you imagine a French lady without her French hairstyle that does honor and pride to all French?

Can you imagine a British lady without her typical British hairdo to adorn her the British way?

Can you think of a Japanese lady without a Japanese hairstyle that is unique to Japanese ladies?

Can you think of a Chinese lady without her authentic Chinese hairstyle to make her feel great as a Chinese lady in tune to her Chinese culture and ways of life?

If no, why, then you my today's 99% Western educated and trained Afrikan sisters , spend so much time , waste so much money and resources on changing your Natural and Native AfrikaHair and Hairstyle into photocopies of the White woman's Hair and hairstyles ?

While most Asian and Western ladies accept with grace and gratitude, the flowing form of their hair, you are programmed to ceaselessly turn your AfrikaHair into all kinds of Western woman's hairs and hairstyles except your Continental AfrikaHair and Hairstyle .

While most Asian and Western ladies will not try to turn their flowing or sleeping hair into your Afrikan form of Hair and Hairstyle that are UNIQUE, ORIGINAL AND NATIVE to you all my Continental Afrikan Sisters, you consider it a great progress, change and fashionable to change your Continental AfrikaHair into Western/style hair which can only turn you into a photocopy of the White woman whose hairstyles you have become addicted to, dependent on and enslaved by without your least knowledge of the damages you are doing to your AfrikaHair and Hairstyle you have been kept ignorant of and uprooted from .

And yet, long, long, before today's White lady's hairstyles, your Ancient Continental Afrikan hairstyles was as the world's first and oldest Human Hair on Earth and Mother of today's Human Hair and Hairstyles all over the world including the White woman's hair and hairstyles you cannot do without today in your self-ignorance and blindness and eagerness to please the White man and woman and to be accepted by them as their equal, civilized, developed, successful , modernized etc

Hence, contrary to what the White man's dominated and controlled TV tells or portrays to over and over , the White women hair and hairstyles are not better than your AfrikaHair and Hairstyle and they are not the only Hair and Hairstyles in the world that count .

Without Continental AfrikaHair and Hairstyles which were once the world's only Human Hair and Hairstyle in Ancient Afrika for three Million Years, there will not be any of today's French, British, German, Portuguese, Spanish and White American Woman hairs and hairstyles for you to be adoring today at the expense of your Natural , Gorgeous, Unique and Imposing AfrikaHair and Hairstyle you have been programmed to hate, ignore, ridicule, scorn, look down , shun and do away with as “ barbaric, uncouth, rough, raw, unpolished, difficult to manage etc and which you must replace at all cost with the more “ elegant, civilized, modernized and more manageable White woman hair and hairstyles with all the White man's chemicals you can get .

This explains why, today's Italian American hairstyles are not Japanese but Italian/Western based and oriented.

The Jewish American hairstyles are first and foremost Jewish/Western-styled, no matter.

Likewise, the hairstyles of the Irish American are Irish/British/Western based and oriented.

The same applies to all other Western/White groups that make up what we call USA today.

That is why none of them will prefer changing or forcing their Western hair into something it is not.

That is why all of them cherish and adore to the core the make-up of their hair which they will never reject, hate, dishonor and disrespect by destroying and killing it with chemicals.

But when it comes to you my Afrikan sisters in USA, 99% of you have allowed the 300 years of White man's programming to bluntly say to yourselves and the world that it does not matter what you do or do not do to with your hair, which you claim, is yours and yours only to have and has nothing to do with AfrikaHair or AfrikaHair styles.

As far as your programmed mind is concerned, it is nobody business but yours only to do as you please with your hair.

As far as you are concerned, hair is hair, it is neither Afrikan nor Western so it is to you a pure nonsense if not folly for anybody to tell you what your hair is and what it is not.

But you think and talk this way because you are ignorant of who and what you are in USA and Europe and as such cannot see any link between you and your Continental Afrika Ancestral Land and Home let alone see the connection between you, your Hair , Hairstyles and those of the Hair and Hairstyle of your Afrika Ancestors and People.

That is why the Italian American knows without his/her people coming from Italy to USA, he/she will not be born in USA and Europe today.

Hence, he/she never forgets her/his Italian past, source, root, heritage and land that make his/her original Italianess possible.

The same applies to other conscious cultural groups in USA.

That is why your early Afrikan Ancestors, even in the White man's chains never, never and never forget who and what the are and where they came from.

But today, the majority of you my Afrikan sisters in USA and Europe now consider it fashionable and progressive to have not your Unique, Distinctive , Original and Natural AfrikaHair and Hairstyle but Western/White American Hair and hairdos that are alien to the natural make-up of your Continental AfrikaHair .

In other words, you are encouraged, praised and rewarded by White America to change your AfrikaHair into the caricatures of the White Woman's hair not because it is good for you but because it basically makes you to become more and more photocopy of the White lady as you become less and less Afrikan woman in USA/Europe .

Also, your White woman's hairstyles are a billion dollar business that is controlled by the White man who dominates the manufacturing and the sales of all the Western hair style products and services most of you have now become addicted to .

Hence, while you are encouraged and rewarded to busy yourselves destroying and killing your beautiful and natural AfrikaHair with poison they call hair chemicals, White America profits greatly from your ignorance of the untold harm you are causing your AfrikaHair, which cries, to you daily to cease suffocating her to death.

But because you are deaf or dead or blind to everything Afrikan within and outside you, you refuse to see, acknowledge let alone stop , the physical and the psychological harm and damages you have been inflicting gladly and zealously on your AfrikaHair and on yourselves as Westernized or Foreignized African American Women and ladies , who think without turning their AfrikaHair into a White woman's Hair and hairstyles, they will not be accepted , respected and treated as the equal of the White woman and the White man whose products you now become for your doom.

Besides, preferring White woman's hairstyles to your Natural Continental AfrikaHair hairstyle is to become the laughing stock of those whose hairstyles you zealously copy.

It is also to betray your ignorance of the fact that your Creator AFRIKAMAWU did not create you and your AfrikaHair for nothing or by accident.

Hence, to accept, honor and respect the Divine Right of your AfrikaHair to exist and flourish on your head as the Natural Expression of your Natural Continental AfrikaPersonality , AfrikaWomanHood and AfrikaBeauty on Earth is to thank and pay homage to AFRIKAMAWU for endowing you with the world's first Human Hair on Earth which is unique, original and natural to your AfrikaPersonality and which others wish they could have but cannot .

But to try to turn your AfrikaHair into what it is not is to insult your Creator AFRIKAMAWU for giving you the world's first Original Human Hair but which you are programmed to dismiss or reject as “bad, not good enough, uncouth, raw, barbaric, anti-fashion or Stone Age.”

That is why your pro-Foreign and Anti-Afrikan Culture Magazines, newspapers and TVs and Radios are full of all kinds of stupid ads depicting your AfrikaHair as bad for you to have and to replace with all kinds of Western/White woman's hair and hairstyles which are death to your AfrikaHair and AfrikaHair Styles .

Also, turning your Natural AfrikaHair into the photocopy or caricature of the White woman's hair is to accuse AFRIKAMAWU of making a mistake for conferring on you the “wrong” form of hair which you must “ correct, fix and be free from at all cost”

Likewise, the Natural and Virgin like Beauty of your AfrikaHair is polluted and disfigured by all the chemicals you throw into your hair.

That is why you end up losing 99% of all your chemicalized Hair and hairstyles to baldness for the same White man to make you spend more money for his anti-baldness products to try to bring back to life your dead AfrikaHair on our heads.

And while your Westernized African American women are busy turning their AfrikaHair into the White woman's hair , 99% of your Westernized or Assimilated African American men, leaders and elite in USA/Europe today are also programmed to get rid of their AfrikaHair by shaving themselves Bald which is now considered the sign or symbol of success, modernity, cleanliness, coolness etc which are also doomed to fail once you all know and free yourselves from the dangerous game of hair politics you are busy playing with your AfrikaHair , Pride and Dignity in your caged Foreignized , Westernized, Arabanized and Jewicized life and world .

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