11.04.2011 Feature Article


11.04.2011 LISTEN

The constitution is very clear and palpable as to who qualifies to be voted for as a parliamentarians and who do not. But very often, it beat my imagination when it appears as though many of them do not know what their duty in that noble house is.

It is not because of anything why among many people within a constituency only one person gets the mandate to legislate and play an advocacy role on behalf of the rest ten thousand. I am tempted to belief that it is simply their privileged and a call to duty but not a right.

Many a time when i listen to some vocal and laud members of the august house talk about their service of condition portraying it as if it is nothing to write home about, I get Goosebumps but when it comes to work on the floor of the house no seriousness is attach to it.

The recent debate that has hit the house of parliament about increment in their condition of service is a flawed and a waste of the tax payer's money.

Yes! I say so because of the fact that there are men and women in this country who think the only golden moment of their years to make money is when they manage to fool the ordinary tax payer who cannot afford a descent meal a day and good health facility when he is sick and get to parliament.

The choice of entering the parliament of Ghana as far as our constitution is concern is not a must that is imperative on every citizen to do but the desire and willingness to place before one's own country men and women ones services and expertise for the rapid transformation we want to see as a country hence turning around to demand for exorbitant remuneration is a total blasphemy.

Ghanaians must be careful in giving in to the demands of our parliamentarians in order not to set a bad precedence for other public servants to follow.

Indeed it is imperative on us as citizens to take into account the views expressed by Alhaji Asuma Banda and all other elderly state men and women who have shared their opinions on this issue of MP's salary increment before jumping the gap.

I am not by anyway suggesting that the work of MP's is that of charity but they must learn to live within their means. That is if most of them realize that their mandate is not about building infrastructure and making luxury promises in order to win votes but to legislate.


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