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23.01.2011 Feature Article

Great Mother Earth and The Power She Possesses!

Great Mother Earth and The Power She Possesses!
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We should all be thankful to Great Mother Earth. We need to keep the earth clean and not toss or throw garbage onto the earths' floor. She provides food for you and for many others.

There are some folks that love mother earth and some that do not feel she exisists...but I am here to tell others, that she does indeed exsists. I feel that mother earth is a Goddess, in a sense of the word and you can cast spells in her name-just by saying something like, "Mother Earth, please grant my wish today, or tonight." And ask her what you want and or need in your life. She loves wine poured onto her ground. You can also ask a diety of your choice or selection and be thankful to the god or goddess you have selected.

You can make your own altar inside or outside your own home. You can put leaves, and twigs and acorns and flowers upon your homemade altar and always, yes..always be thankful to the deity of your choice. I have a book entitled, Melanie's Witchy World and new one entitled, Mystical and Magickal Melanie's Spooky Stories, and Melanie's Witchy World has some free spells in its' pages. You may wish to gain a copy of my books, either one, and you will enjoy the spells it has to offer, and you will find I have wrote stories in my book as well.

Now back to gods and goddesses. The gods and goddesses will bless a spell, if it is for good intentions. You should never ask for someone to become ill or harmed...unless this individual(s) has wronged you. most certain to pour white salt around your person when castiong bad luck spells on anyone, or misfortune spells on this person or persons. You can also ask a fellow witch to assist you in all your spell craft, this is entirely up to you to decide what you want or wish to do. I myself am more of the soliatary witch and prefer to cast my own magick indoors. I used to be in a coven or witches and we all cast magick together, but I feel more comfortable casting magick alone, and I am not saying that joining a coven is wrong, as many witch or witches, prefer to cast good or black magick in a circle of witches or they cast magick spells standing or sitting down.

I love casting spells and feel alive when I do cast my magick. I cast for good fortune spells and recently won 100 dollar contest after a week before I won, I had asked Aphrodite for to win and I did indeed win. I thanked her after casting my magick spell and even sang a song to her, which I made up. I usualy pour wine into my chalice on my altar and put flowers usually a red rose petals upon my altar as I feel and know she adores flowers, especially roses and sometimes, both I and my spouse inhaled a sweet flowery fragrance, at times and this is letting us know she is blessing our marriage and our home, and that she is letting us also know, that she is protecting us. We inhale the rose fragrance even though there are not any flowers in our home at the time and this is letting me know, she is near. Aphrodite wants to show me she is listening to my prayers.

I love all the gods and goddesses, true...but Aphrodite is my favorite deity, and she knows that I cherish and love her!

If you wish to ask a god or goddess during your spell magick, you may do so. Once, I gathered leaves, and acorns and even a witches burr and cast a spell for it to rain and not only did it rain a few minutes later, it hailed and stormed and lightening too! I used a large forked stick during my magick spell, and it worked wonders. I was alone at the time and no one in sight in the woods, and maybe with no one in sight, the spell worked more effectively.

Do you believe in the power of magick and do you belive in the power of Mother Earth, as you can always feel Mother Earth's presence,if you allow it in your heart soul and mind to feel. You know that there was some Great Spirit that created everything and I personally feel that Mother Earth created the trees and the seas and the mountains and everything else we see, touch and smell or inhale that is pure and we can know in our hearts and minds that Mother Earth will care for us all and provide for us.

So..put your faith and trust in The Geat Mother Earth, and she shall bless you and grant you your wishes that are for good intentions and give you many rewards, such as peace, harmony and love.

Mother Earth, is love, solace which is peace, and joy and you will feel her presence as said each and every time you thank her for a spell you cast. You can always thank her anytime during the day or evening or at night as she is always there to listen to you.

I hope my article was of some help, and that you are blessed by Mother Earth or a god or goddess.

Take Care!

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2011

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