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At last, the youth of Ghana can go to bed or better still hold the government accountable when they fail to go by the policy laid down as a giude in an attempt to solve the many problems that they are faced with.

Indeed i was very much elated to have heard that the government of ghana led by the Prof. Attah Mills have finally approved the blue print of the national youth policy which will help him in dealing with several challenges that are facing us as a youth since the policy was long over due.This without any doubt affirms that the mills led administration has the youth at heart and are therefore willing to meet their problems.

As a youth myself i can not but burst out with great joy and congratulate the government for taking that bold step not forgetting the fact that many before it has failed the youth in this regard.But my only hope is that it does not become a white elephant but a sucess.

Many governments in their bid to address the various problems facing us youth and future leaders of this great nation of ours have linked their excuses as to why they have neglected the youth to lack of a national youth policy that will give them a clear direction and a sense of purpose hence the defant nature of the national youth council over the years.

It is obvious without any doubt that majority of our population is made up of the youth and therefore the need for special attention to be given them since many of them are straying away due to the failure of the system in which they live to sustain them.But one can not neglect to give praise where it is due since it is said by our fathers that when a lizard fall from an iroko tree and there is no one to praise it, it nods it head to praise itself,a special mention must be made of the numerous attempt the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is making to ensure that the youth are invlove in their government hence the appointments of some notable youth in the country to different positions and measures been put in place to ensure that the youth become employable such as the youth in agriculture,enhancement of the national youth employment programme and many others that must speak for themselves.

It is my expectation as a youth that this policy will be linked to areas that will be very usefull in enabling us to develope our capabilities.

One is sadened by the way the term youth has become very difficult to define in ghana nowadays.

It is my wish that this will be address appropriately.

I hope the various youth leaders such as the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and many others will take advantage of this glamorous opportunity to ensure that the youth they leads challenges are met.

There is no time better than now! lets all rally behind the government to ensure that the implementation of the youth policy becomes a reality.

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Students Representative Council (SRC)

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