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Lessons You Can Learn From The Ghana/serbia Match

By ICACA AfricaSankofa
Lessons You Can Learn From The Ghanaserbia Match

Final Score: Ghana 1 Serbia 0. Ghana o Osie Yie eeee! Yie eeee Yie eeee, Ghana oooooo, Yie. eeee

Ghana oooooooo, Osie Ayie eeeeeeeeee. What a time! And What a Year! What a generation!

The FIFA World Cup tournament in South Africa is so dear to Africans all over the world that people are doing anything to watch the match. In some communities in Africa especially in our village in the Ashanti region, our daddy said, they had black out ( electricity) so they had to use Kerosene TV ( Yes, you heard me right-Kerosene TV...)

I know you are asking a question where and which country produces kerosene TV! The answer is in simple logic. Do you remember that in Ghana, as a result of frequent unregulated light outs, many people use generators. Some of these new generators use Kerosene as fuel, so a TV powered by a generator running on kerosene is conclusivelly a Kerosene Television. Make sense?

Yes, Ghana and Africa is celebrating right now because Ghana has made history and made Africa proud by being the first continental country to win its game. To beat a who nation as dreadful and skillful as Serbia is no mean an achievement. Many of you readers watch the match on flat screen TVs, Plasma TVs,using projectors or listened to commentaries. At the end of the match, we won, Yes, we Won and everyone is happy. Is there some valuable lessons we can learn from this experience? This and other reasons are the subject for our article today.

In many of the football (Soccer) loving sub-regions and continents such as the Latin Americas, the Caribbean,Europe, Africa and others, people dream and do everything about this sports. It is no wonder that in many African countries such as ours,Ghana, people will spend their last money without food to attend a football match. Winning is very important to us,Ghanaians.

We never leave anything to chance. A friend in Japan, Keiji who resides in New York once remarked " Soccer time is when you see the supersitiuos beliefs of Africans". Well, don't judge him yet, for he is entitled to his own opinion and since it is not a fact, wasting your time to challenge this is not rewarding. To an extend, Keiji must be right. An many times, did you say "OMG! when an eminent to Ghana was noticed? And how many times did you say " Oh God help us!"?

Is God a limited God? What about the Serbians, Do you know what they also say in their prayers during tough matches as these? So the same God, hears many prayers from opposing teams, but why does He let one team wins and the other become a vanquished side?

This is where preparations, strategies and other technical details come to play. God is a Fair God, and like the elders say " Heaven Helps those who help Themselves". It's about Preparation and Determination. When One is determined in whatever we set ourselves to, we can achieve it.

In Today's game, many of us were impatient and complained,insulted and castigated some of our players for some petty mistakes. Do we have the power to condemn like that? What about self -assessment? As we condemn others, do we have time to do a self-assessment about our relationships with people whether at work, school, home,comuunity or in the country? Is it okay?

Patience is a virtue, the wise always say, and we need more of it to help us from making rushed judgements. It also helps us to pay attention to details, stay focused and work diligently. At the end of the game, Ghana's team patience, determination and tact triumphed over Serbia. We are all happy, aren't we? Check around you, all sorts and forms of jubilations and celebrations. It's good. For those of you who are religious, the other lesson from patience is that Do not be Impatience with God because Your Dream or Wish is not coming to pass. Our God is Alive (Nyame Tse Ase) so take advantage of this virtue and you will fair well in life.

Did you notice something about the match? Let's start with the players, they all come from different teams to make a one, Black Stars. Isn't it beautiful? And the supporters, this is the only time that we forget our differences as NDC/NPP/CPP/APC/ZZZ/A55/ABK233 party members. Can we sustain this level of unity in the name of our country's development and progress? Our brand name show, ANANSEKROM NYAME TSE radio show hosted by DAASEBRE ADANSI-PREKESE and beamed online by the members of the Ghanaian Internet Radio Operators Network stations in USA,Canada, Germany, Belgium and Spain is designed to give hope to all Ghanaians around the world. It is very important that we stress the significance of UNITY in our national psyche. Ghana can move forward when we are all united. We need Unity (Cohesion as the team displayed) to grow and make democracy work.

Everybody has a role to play, so as we celebrate a great victory, let's not forget that it takes a good drum ensemble to play ADOWA, AGBADZA,KPANLOGO,NAGLA,BAMAAYA,BOSOE and all other Ghanaian rhythms. We have so much to learn from our arts and sports culture and it is important that we all do our parts. Long live Ghana, long live our great continent.

An African country is going to win the World Cup, this is our prediction. What is Yours?

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