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10.05.2010 LISTEN

There is no denying the fact that Ghana has traveled a long way as far as her democracy is concerned and it is only prudent that we preserve what we have now.

The last time i checked from the records as to who is the president of this country,it was not surprising prof.John Evans Attah MIlls' name poped up but then what is this that am hearing?that some people trying as hard as the are to become flag bearers are already behaving as though they are the presidential candidates of their parties.To hell with them! are they the only opposition parties yearning to come back to power?even the noko fio are not talking.

No one should get me wrong,i am only a concerned citizen advocating for free breathing space for the N.D.C government to deliver their better Ghana agenda they promised Ghanaians.We don't want inposters to destruct them and it will be an excuse for them come 2012.

But can some one tell me the type of politics we are introducing into this country?That i "spoil you to a friend and you too you spoil me to a friend"that is what i call a blackmail and i vehemently believe it has no prospect for our fragile democracy.I am suddend by the way some elements within the N.P.P is going about their campaign in a bid to become the party's presidential candidate.

I am much aware they may not like it but it is to our own benefit and that of the future of this country.Is it because some people think this is their last chance as being speculated?or they are aware they will fail so they want to employ all tactics to emerge victors?or some also think they are in the middle of the rest of the candidates or inexperience but better than others?my God! i hope they are not true because if they are then discerning Ghanaians ought to be alert since a day will come when all will be amaze at what 'politricians'will do to get power in this country as is being done in other neighboring countries.

My advice to the N.P.P is that they should try to restrain those adopting the strategy of blackmail just to win the bid to lead the party and play it safe since it is healthy for our infant democracy.They should not forget we are watching them and at the same time making up our minds.

In fact it is said that a word to the wise is in the ''north'' don't get me wrong i mean in the south oh no is enough.....

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