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07.05.2010 Feature Article

Witches in Today's Society: Incantations and Spells!

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Celebrate the Spirit and Mind, by using magick. You can use meditation in your magick as well, as you can use pentacles and or a talisman in all ritual spells. I myself, wear a pentacle, right side up, and cast many magick spells at home, for a loved one or family members.

I use a chalice in my spells as well and pour wine into my cup. I have a silver cup with a pentacle on it. Many of my spells come true, and I enjoy casting them for fun and pleasure. It's sort of a hobby of mine which I have been casting since I was fourteen years of age. I have met my share of witches, some wore into white magick and some into dark magick and then there's those occassional witches into gray magick, which I have met as well.

Here is a spell I try at home. "By the powers of air, be purified and by the spirits which surround me, I call upon you and invite the Gods and or Goddess, to answer my spell requests, to bless my home and bless me and be with me now, I invoke you spirits to enter my dwelling now."

Then I pour the wine into my chalice and drink some of it, and then I pour it upon the earth's ground and I thank the deity of my choice. You must always be grateful and thank the God or Goddess of your selection.

I write on parchment paper my desires and put into my silver box and leave their over night, then I bury my wishes by my old oak tree I have, right outside my door, and thank the diety, I have choosen to thank.

I also say a prayer like this..."Lady, bless this home and watch over me, circle your love around me and let no harm come to me or my loved ones." I use lavender oil and use incense as well in my ritual magick. The oil I rub on my candle and the incense I allow to burn for a while, and you can use one or more candles at your altar, such as I do. One candle can represent the God or Goddess, you selected. The other candle can be of you, and do carve your name into the candle, and carve a pentacle as well, and also your date of birth. Do ask the God or Goddess things you need and desire to happen in your life. Such as, if you need gold or money, ask them, and they will see to it, material wealth will occur for you. I cast a money spell for a woman and she won handsomely, I might add. I cast a money spell for an uncle of mine, and someone bought an object off him for quite a good sum.

Yes, you can have fun casting magick, and many witches in today's society, are not shy about their magick. But...a long long time ago, witches wore burned at the stake for performing witchcraft, but it is different these days, as you see adds in the back of magazines, and psychic readers, wanting to read your thoughts, and fortune tellers as well advertising, so witches and warlocks and wizards alike,have come a long way. Just focuse on your magick and try to cast the good kind as remember, whatever you cast, can come back to haunt you so do cast the good kind of magick and don't feel embarassed if someone ask you if you are a witch. I know there are people that asked me if I wore a witch as well. I usually tell these people, ''I am proud to be who I am..rather I be a witch or not!" This baffles them some what. I prefer to not tell many folks that I am into white magick or Wiccan magick as they may think I am strange, but then again, I am not ashamed or embarassed to be a witch either!

There are many witches in todays' society, that I know and like and we have meetings at times, and cast spells together. I have been a witch for so long, that it is like a second skin to me and I feel a close bond to my sister witches. You too, can make friends with people that are into the occult or simply whom are fascinated by it..and you can make pen pals that like to talk about the supernatural and spirits. I have met my share of spirits, and met a woman that was a ghost. She came to me and talked to me. And poof! like magick, she was gone. I know there are spirits and ghosts as I dwelled in a home once, where I met a spirt of a man,that lived in the home I was living in. He spoke to me how he died, and I was glad to talk to him at times. Friends of mine seen this ghost as well, so I know I am not the only one and a family member was sitting in his chair when his newspaper was ripped in half, nearly causing him a heart attack! He was more then frightened, he was scared out of his wits, so to speak. I love to meet ghosts and they are always welcomed in my home and my surroundings. A ghost was on my porch swing recently and the porch swinge, gently rocked back and forth. It is to my belief that a spirit of a woman that died in this home, was simply visiting her home again. She is more then welcomed here. She loves flowers and so I planted some flowers for her. Mums wore her favorite, I know and I found out from her grand daughter, that I was correct.

Yes, magick and witches go hand in hand and if you are into ghosts, and wish to meet them, you can make up your own incantation or read one from a book, for a ghost to appear. Casting magick is good and you should always insure it is the good kind, not the wicked kind...Summon up spirits if you wish too, and know that they won't really harm you none. Most spirits are just here to visit anyways, and there are demonic spirits true, but nothing an exorcist can't hand. That was a bit of humor there. Well..I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and story and that you found it enlightening. Do have fun casting your magick and remember, to always thank the deity of your choice, and don't be afraid to cast magick, just be sure it is something you need and desire, the most. Thanks for taking the time to read my words and thoughts about witches and ghosts.

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2010

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