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30.04.2010 Feature Article

Marriage in Today's Society

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Marriage in today's society should be respected and not neglected. Many people do not appreciate the fact that they have a good matrimony and should rethink what they are doing outside their marriage. are they for one, realizing that committing adultery is wrong and also necessary to say, very wicked and sinfun.

Yes, it is wrong and sinful and also sickening. When one betroths another and the one steps out on the other spouse then is way uncool!

Think about how this affects your love lorn, your love life and above all, your significant other! It is no ball to have another involved in your private affairs, and the private affair you may be pondering on to have, reassess your thinking process and realize it will not only jeapordize a bond but Ruin your marriage as well. So teen's or adults alike, if you need some fun, some outside activity, play tennis with your mate or loved one and go to a picnic with your family with your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband and or wife. Yes, I am quite aware there are seventeen and eighteen year old teen's involved in a relationship and of course even younger adolescents who are involved and some are married at a young age, and they become unfaithful to their spouse. I was married at a young age myself, while still in highschool.

So be faithful, be kind and do not cheat cause' cheating is Super Uncool and goes against your wedding vows you took with your mate! Besides, think of all the diseases that are out there in this world today, especially Aids! Would it be worth it to chance that? Ask yourself that one if you will okay? Even a condom will not always protect you form STD's. They can break and there you go again, the fear and worry about if you contracted a deadly virus or not.

So spare yourself the worry and do not stray on your loved one or mate. If you want to do that, sit down and talk about it to your husband or wife or partner in life. See what comes out of just talking it over. You may be surprised that he or she may have been feeling and thinking the same exact way you have been. Do not say you do not love the other person any longer as this only adds hurt and confusion. Keep this to yourself if this may be the case. Be strong, and assertive, and do not toy with the other one's emotions and above all, be firm and polite in you words and just be you..after all that is all anyone can ask of you, and your mate and for yourself as well, for you can be honest to your partner and be honest, all in all to yourself.

Melanie Miller
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