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28.04.2010 Feature Article

Doing Drugs is Dumb

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There are many teen-agers that are into getting high, and they may think drugs are the answer, but they are not and drugs won't solve any problems they may be facing, in will only make matters worse. I myself have never engaged in taking drugs, that will harm the body and soul. I have more sense then to do this to my body, but many people think drugs will solve all their cares, woes and worries, and it simply won't.

I was married to someone that was into dope, and I had to take leave as I did not wish to be around another person that did this to himself. He would become violent in nature and drugs can make one this way, and there's no real sense in starting drugs, so if you have not been taking drugs, then by all means..don't start taking them, unless it is a prescription from a doctor, then these are what is called, safe drugs. They should not harm the body, as long as you find out they are safe to intake. Street drugs is another ball game altogether. I know of people that are taking illegal drugs, right now, and they act strange when they are on these substances.

If you know of someone or someones' taking drugs, then have a heart to heart talk with them or him or her. Tell your friend(s) you care about them, and do not wish to see them harm their body like this. Our bodies are temples and we should take care of them. Eat right, don't overeat on food and snacks that are not good for you, and especially do not take drugs, that affect the mind and spirit. You don't need them in your life, friends that will force you to do what they are doing, and make you feel you have to take drugs, or that you owe it to them.

You are your own self and you have a right to stand up for yourself, and if anyone at all, tells you you are not a person if you do not take dope and drugs, then you can tell them you do not wish to be their friend, or you can tell someone you know, to seek a counselor and get some immediate help, and soon!

There are poeple that feel they don't have a real life unless they take drugs, and I am here to tell others, taking dope is no way of life, it just makes matters worse, and dope is not good for anyone whether young or old. There are drug dealers that make illegal substances and narcotics and then children get ahold of these drugs, and it kills them. We need to tell kids today that drugs are not the answer and that they can not solve problems they may be facing. Some children or teen-agers run away from home, and get involved in activites that they should not and many of them in today's society, get involved in taking street drugs. They need a good speech, someone that cares about them, someone that can help them out, and take under their wings, and teach them that taking drugs is not a real life style, it is like a time bomb inside them, ready to go off. There are kids in crisis and some kids parents' are going through a divorce and so the teen's feel unloved, and uncared for and they simply turn to illegal drugs, and they only harm themselves.

So take it from me, drugs just are not cool. Yes, doing drugs is dumb, as it never solved any one's problems, and I would never take them for any reason. much too precious to toss it away by taking drugs, life is a good thang, not taking dope. Kids need to understand and realize that their life, has true meaning in it, and dope just hurts their souls and body. Why do kids and adults alike feel drugs are the answer for, this I am not sure of myself, but I wished I could help someone and by writing this article. I do encourage that if some one you know or if you are into dope yourself, that you seek help. There are toll-free numbers to talk to, a professional can help you or your friend or if it is a family member, have them to call these people, just seek help sometime and soon, the sooner the better. So if you are into getting high, try to remember that dope kills brain cells and won't make you happy in the long run, by taking these substances as you can get a natural high in life. Stay in school, do your studies and get proper grades. Make something of yourself, tell friends you don't want to engage in taking drugs. Your body should mean something to you. Well if my article was of help to others, then I feel that I have accomplished something here. If anyone ever makes you feel you need to take illegal substances, you can tell them not to ask you again, and if you get involved in dope, just seek help immediately. Your body is special so don't abuse it with taking drugs and remember, you don't need to get high, like this, just be yourself and life will take you where you need to go, not drugs, as all they will do is lead you to your death and a morgue is what you will find yourself in.

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2010

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