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27.04.2010 Feature Article

Abuse is Wrong

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Abuse is wrong, no matter what form it takes, physical, sexual, emotional, mental cruelty, verbal. Some forms are harder to define than others. A bully is abusive, the bully is not strong, as the nature of the bully is to torment the weak and meek, the vulnerable, who cannot or will not fight back. In order for them to feel good about themselves, they must make you feel bad about yourself.

There are many people out there that feel abuse is a natural way of life, and it is their life style. They feel in order to make others feel like they are ill, or insane or anything else, they must cut you or a friend of yours down.

Abuse is wrong, plain and simple. I was abused before by an ex and it is no particular fun being abused. If you or someone you know, is being abused, tell them or him or her, to speak to a counselor, or talk to someone they can confide in.

There are people whom will listen and help you if you are the one being abused physically and mentally, and mental abuse can be just as harsh and callus as physical abuse, take it from me. I know of folks that been in abusive relationship, and there are people that feel that they can not get out of an abusive relationship due to they are married to an abuser, or abusive individual or have a family, and they fear if they left, it would make their children or child upset, but abuse not only affects the abused person but the chid or children as well, and children do not need to live in this type of situation or environment, it is just not healthy to live this way.

If you fear for your life, then get out while you can! You need to go to a safe house or harbor house and stay there for a while, have no contact with the abuser or abusers, and seek help from others, such as a trusted family member while you are safe and sound.So do yourself a favor, and get out while the getting is good to get out and leave once and for all. Yes, take it from someone who's been there, as I know abuse all to well..And if you are being sexually abused, talk to your doctor or counselor regarding this issue at hand. If you feel you will be harmed for telling on this other person(s) that may be abusing you in this manner, don't feel fear, as it will only upset you and you need to tell a friend if this is a friend being abused, to leave and not look back!

Abuse is no picnick and you can be strong enough to leave. I did, and I am proud of myself that I left, and I don't regret leaving this person. I am much more confident and contented these days, and feel I will never allow myself to take abuse from anyone any more. You have rights and you do not have to live in a situation that you feel afraid to be in all the time. Get out, do this favor for yourself, and know in your heart, that you are someone and that no one needs abuse in their lives. There are toll free numbers to contact a hot line and you can talk to some one that is a professional and if you are wishing the abuse will just simply go away then I am here to tell you, it won't!

Leave soon if anyone is abusing you in any matter, and you will feel more confident in the long run. Remember, you're special and you will meet other people that won't cause you harm or mental abuse. I hope my article was of some help to any one living in an abusive environment. Take care of yourself, and note that you are someone and everyone needs love, not abuse.

Melanie Miller
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