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The Bawku saga

The Bawku saga
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Shooting, wailing, killing and curfew has become the order of the day. Each day comes with fresh incidents, not so far from the prevailing situation. Bawku is gradually becoming the Somalia of Ghana as all efforts to calm all nerves down are proving futile.

Recent developments in the Bawku municipality leave much to be desired since no lasting peace seems not to finding its way into that part of the country. I am strongly of the view that what Bawku is currently experiencing cannot, obviously, be taken with one hand in the pocket. The blame game as in who created the ongoing mess should be given a critical look. I therefore challenge those in the helm of affairs of this noble country of our fathers, especially the security apparatus to make all maximum efforts to find lasting peace in Bawku. Instead of waiting for crisis to ensue before calling for reinforcement, I will suggest the security should ensure they always have more than reinforcement before another casualty.

In fact the situation is beyond what the mind's eye can conceive and if care is not taken event will take us by surprise.

I have no doubt that politics is being played into Bawku's woes and those doing that should know that lives of innocent Ghanaians are at stake. In as much as they may be doing that for their cheap political gains someone somewhere is watching, be it divine or human.

What is going on at Somalia cannot be replicated in Ghana! Let us not forget the fact that a little drop of fire results into a lake of fire. Let us all be mindful of the fact that Ghana belongs to all of us and not only a privilege few who beg for our votes in order to use it to instigate and castigate us.

That part of the country is as vital as any part of the country. Al though I don't want to sound pessimistic, anything can happen to the south as far as the crisis in the north is concern. I can end this piece without knowing what the indigenes are doing themselves to bring the situation here under control since you can force a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink. Unless the people of Bawku decide to give peace a chance and smoke the peace pipe, we all will continue to call for peace but it won't happen. A word to the wise can never be found in the south...

Credit: Nathaniel Mensah
Ghana Institute Of Journalism
[email protected]

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