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Kufuor and Rawlings lessons for the youth

Former presidents Kufuor and RawlingsFormer presidents Kufuor and Rawlings
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Obama has come and gone. Many lessons have been learnt. The aspects that interest me most are that he has condemned coup professionals and advocates of positive defiance.

He has asked the youth to hold their leaders accountable. It is based on this that I call on all Ghanaians to stop discussing the two former presidents. These men in my opinion are a disgrace to us. First of all, they have betrayed the various so-called heads of states who informed them about what they have been shamefully saying about each other.

Here in Ghana, we have passed whistle blowers ACT so as to enable people give relevant information and get protection. If these shameless guys cannot even protect their informants, what do we expect our security personnel to do? I have heard spokespersons for these people claiming that it was started by guy 'A' and not guy 'B'. Let us assume without admitting that guy 'A' or 'B' started it. Is it really important as to who started what? We cannot as a nation continue to waste our time discussing people who for their self aggrandizement keep bothering us with irrelevant issues. Rawlings after he had left office, he was mandated to fight mosquitoes. Has he succeeded? Kufuor has been assigned to help modify the World Bank. What is his position on conditionalities attached to loans for poor countries?

It is time to tell them in their faces that they have had their tenure but have not been able to solve all the problems of this country. They should therefore give us a break. They are disturbing the PEACE of the nation.

I want to plead with President Mills to give the youth of mother Ghana HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. This is what we need to keep us keeping on that the future is bright.

He should never mention his predecessors' names to anybody whether within or outside Ghana. If he makes any mistake, he will not enjoy his tenure of office. These two former presidents want to get us fighting so that we can join them in their league of conflicts, dictatorship, constitutional amendments and all the evil things.

Finally, we are gradually becoming a nation of people who are quick to allege and point accusing fingers to people who cannot deny or accept. We proceed on their inability to state their position to say what we have alleged is the gospel truth. This is dangerous and must be discouraged. He who alleges must prove; whether it is about the alleged $5,000 for NPP parliamentarians or the Nigerian state governor alleged money for Rawlings. We must not go on the defense but let us ask all those who have alleged to prove. The NDC believes that NPP MPs collected $ 5, 000 from the Vodafone deal yet they are quick to reject the allegation that Rawlings collected money from the Nigerian state governor and vice versa.

We cannot build our nation with this attitude. The youth of Ghana, let us rise and insist that our leaders do things right. The youth who are defending these two ex presidents must stop immediately and redirect their energy into fruitful and more productive issues. This way we can build a 'better' or 'best' Ghana for ourselves, children and grate grand children.

Credit: Konde Stephen (Social Worker Koforidua)
([email protected])

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