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18.05.2009 Feature Article


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There are ten regions in my dear motherland, Ghana. A country that has so much respect for culture and democracy. The Microsoft Encarta (2009) has this to say of my dear country: “The people of this densely populated country belong to more than 100 different ethnic groups, but Ghana has largely been spared the ethnic conflict that has torn apart many other African countries.” I am proud to be Ghanaian.

The first state in sub-Saharan Africa to gain political independence from European colonial rule is just about subjecting some part of the country to another form of colonialism.

The media in Ghana, especially have created a phraseology that goes '...the three Northern regions.' The continuous use of this phraseology is not the best for our country. I want to state emphatically that there is nothing in Ghana, no region at all known as the three Northern regions. There is only one Northern region recognised in Ghana and not three, there are no regions within the Northern region.

It would be acceptable to say the three regions of the north. Ghana has regions like, Upper East, Upper West, Northern, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Ashanti, Volta, Eastern, Western, and Greater Accra. I wish Greater Accra, Eastern, and maybe the Central Region could also be referred to as 'the three southern regions.'

The three regions of the north have provided this country with people of valour, acumen, and dexterity. Several critical positions have been managed by such people and we need to honour their contribution.

Recent comments by people who hail from those regions of the country, give me cause to worry. Comments like, “we feel we belong more to Burkina Faso, than Ghana.” Some even refer to their region (Upper West) as southern Burkina Faso, just because we (media and opinion leaders) make Ghana look like it is all about Accra and Kumasi.

They keep branding these regions the negative way in their reportage. First, they were 'poor'. Then, they became 'flood victims'. Lately, they are 'violent.' In what way are we helping to solve their problems rather than adding to it.

How many companies have we established over there? How many well-facilitated hospitals are there? Yet, when they migrate down here, we complain. Tamale, the capital of the Northern region is arguably, one of the largest cities in Ghana, but we merge it with the Upper East and West, while Accra, one of the smallest (though densely populated) is referred to as a city, if not a state.

Let us give honour to whom honour is due. Let us show equal respect to the ten astute regions in our country.

Long live Ghana; long live the three regions, north of Ghana.

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Euclid Addo
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