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23.02.2009 Feature Article

A Prophetic Word to President Mills

A Prophetic Word to President Mills

Some people live seconds after their death, others live minutes, hours, days and a few years after their death. But there are others who live indefinitely after their death. This is what I call “living to live”. People who live to live are people the world or society can remember them for something impactful they leave behind after their death. The extent of your life after your death is measured by the mark and impact you leave on your generation.

Mr. President I believe you are a candidate for living to live. Has it ever occurred to you to find out the wealthiest place on earth? Interestingly and strangely enough the wealthiest place on earth is not the mineral deposit of Obuasi in Ghana or the oil deposits of Ondo in Nigeria or the gold mines of Witwatersrand in South Africa but the “grave”. Can you just imagine the wealth of ideals, talents, skills, initiatives, visions and missions, that have gone untapped and currently languishing in the grave. I believe in the history of Ghana there have been people who have lived with the keys to reshaping the continent of Africa or probably held the fortunes and ideas to the socioeconomic development of Ghana but unfortunately died with these keys, fortunes and ideas.

Mr. President, I think the time has really come to save our dear nation Ghana and the continent of African from the dungeons of poverty, the burden of underdevelopment, the plague of illiteracy, diseases and sickness.

I have over the years come to believe that, the future of our country lies in the ideas, abilities and the committed will of the people. A generation determined to see change, genuinely committed for development and willingness to go the extra mile will lay a solid and a formidable foundation for the development of this country.

The foundation of the West was laid by selfless leaders who were willing to go the extra mile for future generations. The ideas of Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and others have made the west what they are today. Today the world celebrates unimaginable technologies based on the discoveries of these people.

The challenges confronting us demand a concerted, compact and collective effort and ideas to fix them .You were elected to lead this country because I believe you are one of the anointed few and the chosen one from the large calls to influence and impact this generation. I cannot just imagine the magnitude of impact you will make if you build the foundation of commitment, sense of duty and dedication to work around the pillars of the goals and vision we set out to achieve.

Our generation needs a change, a reformation and a hope for the future and I believe you hold the mantle and occupy a position in the whole process that fit into this agenda. Get set for an encounter with ideals and the power of commitment and dedication to turn the fortunes and lay the foundation for accelerated growth for our country.

God richly bless you

Credit: Daniel Akwasi Kanyam
Ohio University
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Daniel Akwasi Kanyam
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