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03.10.2008 Feature Article

The electorate have made a choice for Dec 7. Part 1

Periods leading to elections in this country have witnessed some funny moments and comedian posturing. It is interesting when candidates failed to appraise themselves to realise that they are not going to win and perhaps better to invest the money in philanthropist ventures than hearing these candidates boldly claiming to be winning an election that is yet to be held.

Recently a political party call New Vision had its presidential candidate claiming that God will surely make him the president comes December 7th. Messrs Dan Lartey, Kofi Wayo and other independent candidates have one way or the other, claimed to be winning elections. Sometimes you wonder what informed them to make such a judgement.

For me, it is very strange why civil advocates have not scrutinized some of these political parties and independent candidates, for they are a waste of time, money and an unnecessary venture. I wonder why they have not taken a clue from the likes of General Erskine, Mr. Kwabina Darko, to mention but a few, about their experience. But we are in a democratic dispensation where you dare not prevent any individual from embarking on such a venture.

Since July when I embarked on a journey to the country side to ask Ghanaians which political party is likely to receive their votes in the December elections, the verdict is: WE ARE MOVING FORWARD.

From farmers to students, from self-employed to others, from tribes to tribes, from religious grouping to non-believers. The overwhelming conclusion was that NANA AKUFO ADDO of the NPP is well placed in managing the affairs of this country after President Kufour's exit.

They were of the view that Nana Akufo Addo is a delight to watch, has charisma, very courageous to take the boldest decisions that will move this country forward, will never be controlled or dictated to by any person and acknowledged that Nana Akufo Addo is arguably the best politician among the entire presidential candidates who is making the best policy statements on his tours.

Throughout the entire interview one significant message that was repeated was, yes the NPP had had its faults but they prefer the tremendous achievements of the NPP government than the 19years rule of the P/ NDC.

They were surprised that the NDC focuses only on the 8years when actually they spent 19years in total. Some of the electorate expressed concern that the cost of democratic rule far outweighs that of military rule and to them the P/NDC should have developed the country more than what they did.

Let's be truthful, it is extremely difficult to point to a particular element of the Ghanaian society that has not benefited from President Kufour's prudence administration.

Again it became apparent that, though there are more people who are unemployed and fully aware of the economy situation, they were of the firm conviction that the NPP has done better within the circumstances that Ghana finds herself.

So why are more people rushing to vote for Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP?

The majority of the electorate gave various reasons why they will not give their vote to the NDC, among them was the fact that, they believe, Mr. Jerry Rawlings will always clash with Prof.Atta Mills, if the later decides to go solo on his agenda. Indeed there were some defected NDC's members who were abhorred on how the Rawlingses have treated Prof. Atta Mills and other leading members of the party since 2001.

They were convinced that looking at the personality and attitude of Mr Jerry Rawlings there is no way he will keep mute for Prof.Atta Mills's administration to run the country. To them such conflicts or succumbing to Mr.Rawlings directives, will surely crumble any well-meaning initiatives of the Prof. Mills's team.

To avoid this situation, it is better the NDC remain in opposition to police the NPP in the next 16years ,by then an indigene of the party- who will not be remote-controlled- would have emerged. I was surprised to learn that some of these people who thronged to catch a glimpse of Mr. Jerry Rawlings on his tours primarily do so on the bases of his colour- kwesi broni (Whiteman) and his no nonsense utterances and not necessarily to vote for his party.

Throughout the journey another important concern raised as the bases why they will reject the NDC was the NDC's persistent mistrust for state institutions such as the Ghana Armed Forces, Police Service, and the Judiciary. They wonder how after all the verbal attack and innuendoes poured on these noble state institutions how the NDC will repair the damaged caused if they are to win power.

To the electorate there are fears that there will be a total 'schooling' for those attacked state institutions.

They believed that such mistrust between an NDC government will lead to a total demoralisation of those institutions which will undeniably affect productivity.

When the question was asked about how the NDC are complaining that the NPP had not fulfilled its promises to the electorate. The unanimous answer was which political party on this planet earth had been able to honour all its promises? None. From even developed countries such as the USA, UK, politicians normally are not able to honour all their promises in the manifesto.

The electorate were categorical that, in spite of the shortcomings in the NPP administration, they were happy about the opening of more jobs avenues in the country and also believed the NPP is the only party that has the potential to attract more companies into the country.

They cited the influx of security companies, more employment from Zoom lion, MTN,TIGO, and the emergence of new companies such as Vodafone, Zain, Glo etc are all going to add thousands of workforces to their payroll. Banks and many other companies are springing up in the country. To them a few more years for the NPP under Nana Akufo Addo will surely revitalised our economy. It is significant to note that throughout the journey it became crystal clear that Nana Akufo Addo's humane desire to move this country forward and also a strong view to try an eloquent and a genius such as Nana Akufo Addo from 2009 will serve this country better. Some strategic thinkers rightly believed that a continuation of the NPP Development in Freedom agenda will undoubtedly propel this country unto higher grounds.

I totally share the view of many Ghanaians who believe that more years for the NDC in opposition will help them lay all the democratic structures in their party.

This year's election is not about propaganda, it is about ideas and what the presidential candidates can do for this country and not this business of re-framing and re-structuring of peoples utterances. The outmoded and uncivilised way of polluting the minds of Ghanaians by destroying personalities will never help this country.

My heart shrinks when people and the media in other civilised countries are anxious to embark on an agenda that will emancipate their people from difficulties; we in Ghana are solely interested in character assassination and pull him down attitude.

This agenda will not win you an election or attract the electorate sympathy. Their choice in December 7th should be respected and they will not vote for a party that will instil fear in them.

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