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Many rush to get help from Kwaku Bonsam

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By Daily Guide

Almost a week after DAILY GUIDE carried a front page story on Nana Kweku Bomsam, a dreaded fetish priest who claims to have fortified some pastors with the power to perform miracles, the paper's offices have been inundated with several phone calls from people who frantically beg for the address or contact number of the fetish priest.

Many of the callers explained that they had problems and wanted to seek solution from Kweku Bomsam who said his chief-god was called “Kofi-Kofi”.

While most callers expressed their disappointment and some use offensive words when they were told that the paper could not provide the number of the fetish priest, others did not give up and followed in person to the offices of DAILY GUIDE, hoping to get Kweku Bomsam's number.

So eager were the callers that at around 2.00am of Sunday, some of them were still calling the cell phone numbers of the paper's Chief News Editor, begging for the contact number of Kweku Bomsam.

Interestingly some of the callers who gave Christian names when they introduced themselves, did not hide their desire to seek solution from a fetish shrine.

In a related development, a lot of people trooped to the front gates of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) last Friday when the station hosted Kweku Bomsam on its morning programme “Asem Sebe”.

The curious crowd was there to catch a glimpse of the priest and get his contact address after he had displayed some of his powers live on national television.

Kweku Bomsam, who was a guest on the live programme conjured two golden wrist watches from nowhere and also performed some magic and turned pieces of paper into money amounting to GH¢360.

Meanwhile, Nana Kweku Bomsam, has donated an amount of GH¢2,000 and some food items to three orphanages.

He gave the Osu Children's Home an amount of GH¢1,000, a bag of rice and a gallon of vegetable oil. To the Tema and Bodwiaase Orphanages, he donated an amount of GH¢500, two bags of rice and two gallons of oil each.

He said the donation was done upon instructions from his gods and that the entire money was conjured out of thin air.

Source: Daily Guide

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