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Jul 3, 2001 | Football News

Ghana players accuse Weah of bribery


Players of Ghana's Black Stars have allegedly accused the celebrated Liberian football star, George Oppong Weah, of attempting to bribe them.

The victorious Ghana players, who returned home on Tuesday afternoon after last Sunday's Africa Group B World Cup qualifier, told reporters that while the match was in progress the Liberian skipper asked them to allow his team to win the match to increase their chances of qualifying for the 2002 finals.

The players claim they were promised large sums of money if they lost, emphasising that the bribery attempt was not staged in Ghana, but rather during play.

Obuasi Goldfields defender, Kofi Amoako, admitted that some other Liberian players also offered bribes to a number of his colleagues, mainly those in the defence, with sums of $US 5,000 which were refused.

Weah today announced his retirement from international football after fans abused him in Liberia's 1-2 World Cup qualifying defeat to Ghana.

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