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Denkyirehemaa, others' quest to gazette Diaso 'Chief' triggers fierce legal battle

By Kwabena Danso-Dapaah || Contributor
Denkyirehemaa, others' quest to gazette Diaso 'Chief' triggers fierce legal battle

A heated chieftaincy dispute has taken a new turn as defendants, including the Denkyira Hemaa, Nana Ama Ayensua Saara III, and other kingmakers, seek to gazette Kwame Baah as the Chief of Diaso, despite an ongoing legal battle.

According to reports, the plaintiffs, Nana Yitta Amoako II and Obaapanin Agnes Konadu, represented by lawyer Nana Obiri Boahen, are fiercely opposing the move, citing customs and traditions.

The plaintiffs argue that Kwame Baah's recognition as Chief of Diaso would undermine the administration of justice and perpetuate chieftaincy disputes in the Denkyira Traditional Council.

The legal tussle has sparked tensions in the region, with many calling for a peaceful resolution.

The outcome of this case is eagerly anticipated, as it may set a precedent for chieftaincy disputes and the role of traditional authorities in Ghana.



The Diaso Chieftaincy dispute is a long-standing disagreement regarding who should be the chief of Diaso.

Other interested parties are, Kwame Baah of Diaso, the Registrar of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Cape Coast, and the President of Central Regional House of Chiefs, Cape Coast.

Respondents' lawyer, Nana Obiri Boahen earlier in an interview took a swipe at the conduct of the Denkyira queen mother and other kingmakers describing their behavior as ‘repugnant, contemptuous, disrespectful’ to the administration of justice.

Nana Yitta Amoako II and Obaapanin Agnes Konadu of Diaso Asenkye Royal Family through their lawyer, Nana Obiri Boahen, are unhappy that one Kwame Baah is parading himself as Diaso Chief and Adontenhene of Denkyira Traditional Council at the time when there is a substantive Chief of Diaso in the person of Nana Yitta Amoako II.

Nana Obiri Boahen says Respondents including the Denkyira Hemaa Nana Ama Ayensua Saara III are also holding out and recognizing Kwame Baah as Chief of Diaso and Adontehene contrary to customs and traditions.

Respondents are, therefore, "promoting, facilitating, assisting and urging the first respondents Kwame Baah to carry on and represent himself as Chief of Diaso notwithstanding the pendency of the Denkyira Traditional Council and also substantive chieftaincy dispute/suit in the area."

"They are also engaging in an act with the view of undermining the administration of justice when substantive suit is sub-judice," Nana Obiri fumed.

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