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Yagbonwura embarks on historic visit to Yaa Naa’s Palace

  Sun, 23 Jun 2024
Yagbonwura embarks on historic visit to Yaa Naa’s Palace

The Overlord of the Gonjaland, His Royal Majesty Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jewusoale I on Sunday, June 23, embarks on a historic visit to the Overlord of Dagbon Yaa Naa Mahama Abukari II in Yendi.

In an interaction with Channel One News, the residents highlighted the significance of the visit, expressing hope that it will foster unity and strengthen the bond between Dagombas and Gonjas.

The visit is historic because over centuries Dagomba and Gonjas though neighbours, no king especially the Overlords, has ever visited the other. This is the first time Yagbonwura, the king of Gonjaland is visiting the Yaa Naa.

This visit is expected to help bring the two kingdoms together for peaceful coexistence.

Dagbon and the Gonja Kingdom have well-defined land boundaries compared to Dagbon and the other two kingdoms.

To elaborate, from the east, Dagbon shares boundaries with Gonja in the East Gonja (Kpembe Traditional Area). In the south, Dagbon's boundaries extend to the Kusawgu traditional area in the Central Gonja District.


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