Lambussie: MP commissions ultra-modern KG block at Dahile

By Bassing Kamaldeen II Contributor
Regional News Lambussie: MP commissions ultra-modern KG block at Dahile
MAR 31, 2024 LISTEN

In his unwavering commitment to advancing education and fostering a conducive learning environment, the Member of Parliament for Lambussie Constituency, Hon Dr. Bright Bakye Yelviel BALIGI, has officially inaugurated an ultra-modern KG school block in Dahile, a community within the Lambussie district.

This initiative underscores the MP's dedication to enhancing the educational landscape of the district by providing state-of-the-art facilities and resources. The newly commissioned KG school block stands as a beacon of progress and development, reflecting the MP's vision for a brighter future and his steadfast commitment to laying a solid foundation for the district's children.

Equipped with spacious classrooms, modern teaching aids, a vibrant playground, washrooms, and staff offices, the facility sets a new standard for early childhood education in the district. It offers a conducive and safe atmosphere where young minds can thrive, fostering learning and creativity.

By prioritizing education and empowering educators, Hon Dr. Bright Bakye Yelviel BALIGI has paved the way for a knowledgeable and skilled workforce, poised to drive the district's prosperity. The inauguration of the KG school block marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to provide quality education for all children in the community.

The Chief and residents of Dahile expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the MP for his visionary leadership and unwavering support for education. They lauded his commitment to excellence and commended his tireless efforts to improve educational opportunities for the district's children.