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The story of Niccolo Machiavelli

The story of Niccolo Machiavelli
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Folks, I have a little bit of a challenge: a plethora of my cherished readers want me to include more English Language lessons in my write-ups, while others want articles spiced with music. I want to do both. Let's take our lessons for the day.

Antimetabole is a technique where a word or phrase is repeated in the opposite order in the next clause or phrase.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you

can do for your country.”—John F. Kennedy

“The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the

Sabbath.”—Jesus (Mark 2:27).
Some useful abbreviated Latin terms: etc., et cetera (and so forth), e.g., exampli gratia (for example), i.e., id est (that is), et al., et alli (and others), c.v., curriculum vitae (course of life).

I trust you like it; I hope to continue some other time. Now, the main story.

Niccolo Machiavelli is known for being one of the most infamous political theorists of all time. He shamelessly propounded that deception is necessary to carry out one's political agenda, and this became a threat to the society in which he lived; and it is still a threat to our society today. This theory has maimed, killed and destroyed.

Sadly, some people have chosen this fiendish trajectory in our beloved country. The deception that the voters' register was bloated with names of foreigners for example made a 36-year old young man lose one of his eyes and subsequently died.

This unfortunate incident occured when the demonstration wing of a certain party demonstrated for a new voters' register based on a purported finding which turned out to be erroneous.

You see what I don't like about some of you, who whispered Suhum, Nsawam, Suhum, Nsawam? Please let me sit my somewhere. I don't want any trouble.

In fact, before the 2016 elections I predicted in one of my articles that Ghana will collapse if Yaanom are given the opportunity, partly because like the elephant, they have a huge appetite and will be chopping our money nyafu-nyafu and by the time they leave office the fortunes of this country would have been ruined and our progress stunted.

I also said that we will burn our fingers by choosing them and that such a mistake would be too much a price to pay, but nobody listened to me. And here we are!

The truth is that Yaanoom are a Mafia group trying to play smart. And this reminds me of Bob Marley's "Small Axe".

Kikikikikiki, you can't beat Rastafarians with innuendos. Bob Marley says Yaanom are working iniquity to achieve vanity. I want to remind Opana Jnr. and his people that if they are the big Elephant, they shouldn't forget that the Small Axe is ready to do some butchering come December 7.

Anthony Obeng Afrane