14.02.2006 Feature Article

Wanted - Presidential speech writers

Wanted - Presidential speech writers
14.02.2006 LISTEN

Letter From The President Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents, I delivered my state of the nation address last week. I didn't explicitly say so but I hope you already know that the state of our nation is not good enough. You should very well know why.

Well, my address to parliament was unduly dominated by our small success with VALCO. I just told my speechwriters to make sure that our achievements with VALCO are highlighted and before I realized VALCO was in every other sentence. I know that some of you have already started referring to my recent state of the nation address as the VALCO statement. I take it as a well-deserved insult.

I have carefully read and re-read the statement I presented to parliament to myself and I have realized (sadly) that not only did it lack depth – it was also very elementary. All my speeches in the past have been like that. This might not seem like an issue to you but it is an issue for me. That's why I say that I need a new set of presidential speechwriters. The current crop, led by Lizzie O are doing such a lousy job. What is a presidential speech if it doesn't inspire confidence (like the recent state of the nation address)? What is a presidential speech if it lacks colour.

Excellently yours,

J. A. Fukuor [email protected]