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29.01.2006 Feature Article

Vision 2020 is possible for Ghana

Vision 2020 is possible for Ghana
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..DIASPORA HAS THE ANSWERS TO GHANA'S PUZZLE It would be a sign of ingratitude to our leaders past and present; and an insult to our new nation to say Ghana has not made any stride since independence in 1957 although the pace has been slow. Join this author to say thank you to our leaders, past and present.

Kwame Nkrumah started so well with a great momentum unheard of in Africa both then and now. Within 4 years of his term Ghana had already seen a lot of development; Ghana had earned the revered position of a promise land and the black star of Africa; there was more work than the people; provisions were underway for future growth and prosperity was looming; road construction and factories sprang up, and Ghana's infrastructure was at its peak of developing.

Thanks to the 1966 coup every development came to a standstill or a decline. Providence gave Ghana another wonderful son of Africa, a man of vision and promise, Kofi Busia. Within the first year he had made known his blue prints for development. He showed an equal promise as Kwame Nkrumah but again thanks to military intervention every project came to a stand still and with no respect for a master plan Kutu Acheampong and his NRC/SMC trashed the blue print of Busia. The coming into power of the Acheampong-Akuffo regime only highlighted political ignoramus and ineptitude at its peak; and for 7 years they set back Ghana's clock of progress.

Providence again provided us with J.J. Rawlings, who would soon gain admiration and support of the people of Ghana for his good intentions for the ordinary Ghanaian; a view that earned him the nick name “J.J-Junior Jesus”. Thanks to the intervention of J.J. Rawlings Ghana's democracy was restored to Hilla Limann. Ghana soon grew to love J.J. Rawlings for his cleaning up and restoring democracy to the people of Ghana. However this political euphoria would not last long. Innocent Limann had not even found his seat in the Castle when Rawlings turned around with his khaki boys to whisk Limann out of office. “Junior Jesus” would soon to turn to be a vicious and merciless dictator. The constitution which had been drawn over the years was suspended in a second; and democracy and the will of the people were thrown out of the window. Ghana's birth of democracy became an illusion. For 21 years Rawlings and his P/NDC toyed with Ghana and brought deep fear on the people having killed all the past living head of states in Ghana, except Limann. His reason being that they were corrupt. Real Admiral Amedome, a cabinet member in the Acheampong's regime, for example, was executed for failing to or not yet having settled his 50,000 cedis loan from the bank. Notwithstanding, thanks to Rawlings embracing democracy once again the people had the opportunity to say no to the rule of intimidation and fear in 2000 general elections.

The beginning of a new millennium and year of jubilee was good one for a new government. The confidence of the people soared as Kufour took his seat at the Castle. Kufour did his part during his first 4 year term though with less speed than expected. Ghana was grateful for the restoration and peace and confidence we had not seen in Ghanaians for the past 21 years. The people of Ghana thought 4 years was not good enough to judge Kufour so they gave him a second term.

Kufour had done his part bringing hope and peace back to Ghanaians in his first 4year term. However his second term has witnessed too many corruption and display of lack of a plan, direction or vision for the country. His government has wounded the confidence and health of the people of Ghana of late. The speed of growth and promise Ghana began with in 2000 has come to a standstill since 2004. With this momentum Ghana cannot achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - reducing poverty- set for 2015 even by 3000. With the present slow momentum, neglect of developing Ghana's infrastructure and the excessive borrowing achieving the MDGs or even getting close by 2080 is a nightmare. The incumbent either do not know how to get there or they are too busy with their own agendas. Ghana cannot wait for them to clean up their act. We need to develop our land and its infrastructure and achieve a First World Status by 2020. This is possible. Folks, we can do this. If Ghana has the men and professionals making it happen all around the globe- west, east, north and south- why not in Ghana?.

Yes these men may be in the Diaspora but what prevents the incumbent from integrating them or their ideas and expertise towards the speedy development of Ghana? Rivalry!? You bet.


A country cannot be built on envy and strive with its own. It is posted on Ghana web that Ghana might achieve a First World status by 2080, this author says that is too long. We can do better than that giving Ghana's intellectual pool. All we need is a selfless leader to galvanize the many talents together. Let all diasporans work together in this regard to save Ghana Now. It does not really matter who is leading the way from the Diaspora since it should be such that whoever is picked and supported from amongst us would be under contract with the people and would be subject to dismissal if he/she breaches this contract with the people. There is no room for personality cult here. The time has come when all Ghana officials including our president would only be on Ghana pay roll with spelt out duties and responsibilities. Any one, from the janitor to the president who does not perform well MUST be fired. However, those leaders, (President, MPs etc.,) who live up to the expectations of their office would and should receive some reward for life. For example, some are proposing that the President be given a salary big enough to cover his basic and other needs, say $8,000 to $10,000 a month and retire with say $3,000 to $5,000 per month for the rest of his life. MPs can receive say $5,000 to $7,000 and retire with $2,000 to $3,000 per month. So must the ministers be on pay roll with sufficient money to cover their life style reasonably without having to steal from the people of Ghana. A minister and an MP on the assumption of office shall be given orientation on what is expected of him or her and made to sign a note of good ethical behavior and respect of the law (Constitution) having acknowledged in writing the consequences of any violations.

Fellow countrymen, allow me to introduce you to our friend who has spent all his life trying to put the puzzle together. He has seen intimidation, suppression and brute before from former dictators but revenge is not his cup of tea. All he cares for is Ghana and he believes a country is built on love, ideas and vision not vindictiveness. Our friend needs your support to make it happen. Yes we can and Ghana will achieve vision 2020 together.

Kennedy is always talking about Ghana wherever he goes. I want you to know he will help Ghana go the right direction. He will help Ghana make a difference in Africa and the entire world. He would lead Ghana to prepare grounds for a face-lift for our cities, town and villages. For this much I know.

Kennedy is always there when Ghana needs him. He loves to listen, speak and be heard. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he does not expect you to do less. This friend cannot tell all his (Kennedy's) thinking, but God can. Neither do you know whether this friend is telling the truth; but God knows. Is this friend just marketing another candidate who will come and soon turn a deaf ear to your plight? This friend cannot make you vote for Kennedy but God can if you listen to your inner little small voice. This friend cannot look inside of you and check your motives when you are casting your vote but God can. Neither is this friend saying Kennedy can feed the 20 million hungry Ghanaians and quick fix her problems tomorrow; but God knows he would at least pave the good way for future generation. Yes, Kennedy cannot turn Ghana around in a nick of time but God can. You and I may not know the future of Ghana but we can trust the one who knows when he says it is great. Kennedy cannot calm the raging seas of Ghana but he is sensible enough to believe that unless God builds the city the laborer labors in vain. God can make the soils of Ghana produce abundant food for Ghanaians when we accept to work hard enough and obey our consciences. God can make the rains drop again on Ghana. This much I know that Kennedy believes in the supremacy and sovereignty of God. It takes a simple faith to move God's hand, and this much Kennedy knows but not without a fight in the right direction. It took Jacob a dual to gain his blessings and Ghana cannot expect less. Vote some one who fears God enough to know that we were all created in God's own image and what you did not do for the least of Ghanaians you did not do for God. Likewise, what is good for our elected representatives is good for the ordinary Ghanaian. God has given you (Ghanaians) a mind of your own; do not just listen without investigating. Evaluate your candidates; test them and try them.

If you listen enough you'll hear God's voice; God will help you make the right choice if you let him. You are so special to God he will not dismiss your prayers; you are the only one of your kind and God loves you enough to honor your sincerity..


Ghana is a Promise; Ghana is a Possibility

Ghana can go anywhere that we want to go

Ghana can be anything that God wants us to be--self reliant.

Ghana can cross the high seas; Ghana can climb the mountains and get over.

Ghana has this Potentiality; Ghana is a Possibility

Kennedy will lead the way.

Ghana will make the right choice come 2008.

Ghana will vote Kennedy 2008; Kennedy loves Ghana.

And this much I know because Ghana first loved him.

Providence knows you'd make the right choice.

Just listen to your inner voice and refuse to vote based on hand outs or personalities.

God rarely speaks to a nation except those who seek him; but for election time he speaks to all voluntarily. Election time is a time of answered prayer when God gives back power o the people. Election Day is the day God has made for the people to not only rejoice but to make the right choices against the future. Let Ghana rejoice and be glad come 2008 because you would have done your home work well enough to know the Right choice. Don't just take my word; Test it and let the praise and gratitude of a nation ring again to God as it was on the fateful day of March 6, 1957.

Hear the joy bells ringing and show your love for your country and posterity by voting your conscience. It is wonderful to know that there is hope for our nation, Ghana. The birth of a new Ghana we shall see come December 2008. Join us to welcome Kennedy into the Osu- Castle and let us tell him if he messes up we'll push him out with the same energy we elected him. He dares not breach the contract with the people.

Okyere Bonaa, Secretary, Ghana Leadership Union. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.