The Obituary in the Obidient Movement

Feature Article The Obituary in the Obidient Movement
SEP 30, 2022 LISTEN

Rev Obinna Akukwe wants to prophetically that there is Obituary in the Obidient Movement.

The electoral umpires in Nigeria should ensure that any vote cast by Obidients counts to avoid mass action, mass uproar and mass uprising capable of leading to the truncation of the fourth republic.

The Obidient Movement is the trigger that may lead to the balkanization of Nigeria into four, Biafra, Niger Delta, Oduduwa and Northern Nigeria.

I wrote about how Nigeria may disintegrate into four if the political actors continue with their insensitivity to the feelings of the masses, according to a revelation of March 2021, titled 'God May Approve the Disintegration of Nigeria' and warned that if the political actors do not act with circumspection, they will fast forward the disintegration of Nigeria.

To forestall disintegration, we formed a coalition of Veteran Igbo Activists on Peace Mission and started a campaign of de-radicalizing South East to avoid the Afghanistan template in Igbo land.

We also reinforced the Peace Directorate of IGBO Mandate Congress IMC to reach out to patriotic elements in the North and ensure that there is no bloody reprisal to the bloody skirmishes between Fulani, Hausa and IPOB. This Directorate and others grossly helped in managing the IPOB Angst and ensuring that Igbos in the North lived in peace.

I want to thank all Northern Muslims, Muslim Clerics and Fulani Christians who assisted the Igbo Veteran Activists on Peace Mission and the Igbo Mandate Congress IMC in dissuading bloody massacre of innocent Igbos in the North, despite provocations by IPOB. At the appropriate time, their identities will be made public. Their patriotic efforts and the Hand of God are responsible for ethnic bloodshed not plaguing Nigeria now.

We also alerted Nnamdi KANU publicly to temper his hate speeches because he is slated for assassination or abduction before October 1, 2021. Twenty days after our warnings, the Biafran Supreme Commander was bundled back to Nigeria, in an internal sabotage process we will not reveal.

We also tried to warn Igbo leaders that the upsurge in Biafra agitations will affect the quest for Igbo Presidency. They failed to caution the boys until the realities staring them in the face during PDP, APC primaries.

Due to political exegesis, we disbanded the activities of the Veteran Igbo Activists on Peace Mission in May 2022 to enable some of our team members interested in partisan politics to contest primaries under the parties of their choice, and we agreed to reconvene again in November 2023.

I am glad that some have emerged sundry flag bearers in APC, PDP, LP and other parties for various elective posts.

However, I have been authorized by the Veterans to warn the nation that there is Obituary in the Obidient Movement. We have warned Igbo Leaders, warned IPOB on bloodletting, warned Igbo Clerics on their lack of vision, now it’s time to warn the nation.

To avoid the Obituary in the Obidient Movement, Let what happened during 1983 elections where the NPN tried to manipulate elections in Yoruba and Igbo lands, against Awolowo and Azikiwe, not repeat itself.

Let all Obidient Votes be properly assigned to them.

Secondly, the use of State sponsored violence against Obidients should be carefully avoided.

Let something that resembles Endsars not start again, because once it starts, the disintegration will kick off from there.

On the part of Obidients, the use of insults, threats and intolerance of opposing opinions should be greatly discouraged.

Obidients should Market their Principal, Peter Obi without insults, abuses, threats and incendiary outbursts and allow other Nigerians who have abiding faith in the competencies of Bola Tinubu, Rabiu Kwankwaso,and Atiku Abubakar to their political cleavages.

The insults are as much provocative as any attempt to use statecraft to assign obedient votes

This is to avoid an insult-motivated violent clash of party supporters, another recipe for disintegration.

Rev Obinna Akukwe and his team of Veteran Igbo Activists are watching with dismay as the stage is being set for a repeat of the processes of 1966 and 1983 in Nigeria.

INEC, Police, Military, Party Chieftains and their supporters should not play into the hands of fifth columnists.

PDP and APC adept at rigging, manipulation and judicial mathematics, with some actors in the Labour Party being part of the malfeasance in the past, should not hoist a self-inflicted break-up on Nigeria.

The only way to avoid the Obituary in the Obidient Movement is for INEC, Police, Military and party chieftains to be Obedient to the provisions of the electoral act, and declare authentic, verifiable results, whether the winner is Tinubu, Atiku, Obi or Kwankwaso. Assigning the vote of Mr A to Mr B will be resisted by Obedience. I will congratulate the winner of any election produced by transparent process irrespective of party, tribe, faith or social cleavage. This is the least democratic norm accepted worldwide


However, the Obedient Movement in Nigeria, whose organic roots we have understudied, will not tolerate any attempt to assign their votes to another candidate. Therefore, to avoid a self-inflicted breakup, let all agencies involved in the electoral processes be obedient to the rules of the game.

Rev Obinna Akukwe warns Nigerian political actors to handle the Obident Movement with caution to avoid Obituary of Nigeria.

(Rev Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Activist, @obinnaakukwe on behalf of Veteran Igbo Activists on Peace Mission).