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2023 Polls: How Freemasons Swallowed Adoration Ministry of Rev Fr Mbaka

2023 Polls: How Freemasons Swallowed Adoration Ministry of Rev Fr Mbaka
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The Adoration Ministry Enugu (AMEN Enugu) where over fifty thousand Catholic faithful gather every week to worship God in a cerebral and charismatic manner was closed down in June 2022, on the orders of The Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt Rev Dr Callistus Onaga, but Freemasons in many quarters have rejoiced that they have finally checkmated the nuisance ministry.

Simply put, Freemasons have finally swallowed Adoration Ministry. Adoration Ministry of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka has been a thorn in the flesh of many occult politicians in the South East since 1986.

By the year 2000, the battle line was drawn and a full blown war ensued between the conglomerate of occult politicians and Adoration Ministry. Threats, and counter threats continued until in March 2002, some political thugs invaded the worship centre to cause mayhem, and they caused an artificial stampede whereby scores of Adoration worshippers were strangulated at Government Technical College Enugu in a staged stampede accident.

Four years later, in May 2006, not ready to be cowed, and with the active support of Bishop Emeritus Anthony Gbuji, Fr Mbaka escaped an assassination attempt at GRA Enugu where he miraculously used the Bible to shield assassins’ bullet.

Mbaka soared and soared and Freemasons in the South East sunk and sunk into irrelevance. Many candidates they projected for elections failed, except those who went beyond the tenets of Masons to engage other dangerous forces, including Ogboni , ritualistic shrine butchers and dangerous native doctors.

However, Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Security, and it did not take long, the Great Architect of the Universe found His Way Around.

A presidential aspirant buoyed by ubiquitous forces visited the fiery priest in the Spirit Realm and solicited his support for presidential aspiration, a request the priest refused.

Few days later, the priest lashed out at the person whose face resembled his spiritual encounter, and proclaimed that the familiar face will never be president in Nigeria due to perennial stinginess.

The Masons Having emasculated public opinion in the Spirit Encounter, wielded their big stick and a massive public uproar ensued. Through the public condemnation, fuelled through ubiquitous spiritism of the leading attack Lodge, they gored Fr Mbaka until the church reacted.

The Local Ordinary, Rt Rev Dr Callistus Onaga, a perfect gentleman, bowed to the wishes of mass opinion and in a bid to protect the Most Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic institution from prophetic rascality, stopped parishioners from thronging the Adoration Ministry.

While Bishop Onaga and other members of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria were outraged at the prophetic rascality at Adoration Ground, Freemasons rejoiced at the eventual caging of the loose Tiger.

Rev Obinna Akukwe will not say more than this!!!

However, the only remedies for Fr Mbaka is to either wait till after February 2023 or whenever the presidential elections holds before The Adoration Ministry is opened, a decision the Masons have taken already.

The second alternative is to gather few select Adoration Minded priests and embark on a Thirty Night Adoration Vigil. In the process he should invoke the age old powers invested in the Blessed Sacrament and free himself and Adoration Ministry from the Masonic Prison. This is the only option that will force open the Adoration ground open before February 2023.

While Fr Mbaka weighs his battle or exit options, the Masons are having a field day in the South East Nigeria. Most of their projected candidates emerged flag bearers of major political parties in various offices both nationally and in the states. It is likely that in the next political experiment starting 2023, the Masons will have up to ten governors in Nigeria.

When the Masons finally enthrone most of their members in political helm, they will attack the prophetic, charismatic; Pentecostal and radical church, and enthrone a society ruled by celebrities, music and movie stars and sports persons, at the expense of the church.

I weep for Rev Fr Mbaka because fellow charismatic priests who are supposed to rally round and join with him to fight off this invasion, are by the sidelines criticizing and blaming the caged tiger for the misfortune of the Adoration Ministry.

How did the Masons get FR Mbaka?

Fr Mbaka broke the hedge when he started supporting a branch of IPOB identified with bloody implementations of Sit at Home order whereby hundreds have been killed for sundry violations. The same group became kidnappers, ritualists, beheaders, and harvesters of women’s private parts. Ecclesiastes 10; 8 b “and whoso breaketh a hedge, the serpent shall bite him’. Therefore, the Serpent called Freemasonry bite Fr Mbaka.

Therefore, Fr Mbaka’s white cassock became tainted with blood by means of tacit support. This support was to hit back at Buhari who refused his good intentions of securing a security contract for a consultant of his choice. In the process of obtuse retaliation, he opened an evil door for his power to be emasculated by the Masons.

Rehashing on the activities of ubiquitous organization on the Nigerian polity, I prophetically spoke in a write-up in the heat of Covid-19 scam, titled ‘Forced Covid-19 Vaccination: Illuminati Hijacks NASS, Nigeria’s Parliament’ and declared authoritatively to Nigerians that Covid-19 will neither kill millions nor hundreds of thousands in Nigeria as declared by Bill Gates of Microsoft and World Health Organization chiefs. In the piece I stated thus;

‘ Nigerians have woken up from sleep but the truth is that Illuminati, like Boko Haram“Nigerians have woken from sleep but the truth is that Illuminati, like Boko Haram, had penetrated the highest echelons of governance and are set to test what failed in United State and Europe on some ‘Nigerian monkeys whose penchant for corrupt bananas is fantastic”

““I want to say to Nigerians, Illuminati Here they Come!

“What was rejected in Europe and America is about to be tested in Nigeria.

“Illuminati Here they Come! – all the prosperity preachers and jet preachers will soon be asked to surrender their members for vaccination or be thrown out of spiritual business.

“Illuminati Here they Come!- Soon who governs Nigeria will not be determined by the APC or PDP, ACF, Ohanaeze, Afenifere, rather the Skulls and Bones Society and associated Colleges will determine who governs Nigeria.

“Illuminati Here they Come!- all the years corruption, ineptitude which led to the wastage of successive years of oil windfalls , especially when oil sold for between $100-$140 dollars will haunt us -No Electricity, No Healthcare, No Social Security

“However, five weeks ago, I saw a vision where people moved about freely in Nigeria with face masks, and last week, I saw another vision where people moved about without face mask. This means that Nigeria will miraculously overcome the Corona virus challenges”.

Following the alert, church leaders became more vigilant and pushed off the Illuminatic efforts to cancel the Cross-Over Night Prayers of December 2020 in Nigeria under the guise of Covid-10 Second Wave. However, whilst the Illuminatic group is plotting a continuation of dominion of the national space, the Masons have taken the leadway.

The joy of Rev Obinna Akukwe is that Fr Mbaka’s hair, shaved by the Masons, is growing again, and when it grows fully, their field day will stop and the Tiger will jump out of the cage!!! Hallelujah

Till then Freemasons have come. They have swallowed Adoration Ministry; they are bidding to control Nigeria come 2023, only God can stop them!!!

(Rev Obinna Akukwe Activist, Columnist @obinnaakukwe)