10.09.2022 Feature Article

2023 Presidency: Any Candidate Endorsed by the Church Will Fail (Part 1)

2023 Presidency: Any Candidate Endorsed by the Church Will Fail Part 1
10.09.2022 LISTEN

Any candidate supported by the church will fail in 2023. Church leaders who have sold their ministry to Marine Spirits, slept with mammy water at bar beach Lagos, sucked occult woman's breast at Port Harcourt to grow their churches and finances, have lost the Spiritual Height to determine the fate of Nigeria.

Rev Obinna Akukwe has been condemning this infiltration by Marine Spirits since 2013. I have publicly exposed some of them, till even last month.

The battle for the Soul of Nigeria is between Moderate Islam, Mystical Islam, Jihadist Islam and Freemasons.

The Church is not in the picture. It is a captured entity. It is powerless, it has no candidate and anyone they claim to support, the Principalities will attack and pull down because they supped from the corrupt proceeds and fraternized with fallen spirits.

Rev Obinna Akukwe will give no further details, but those in the know of the ubiquitous underworld permutations and the battle in the heavenlies, understand the parable.

However, between these four options, Rev Obinna Akukwe has chosen the option with least friction for the traumatized souls of Nigeria, heckled with years of mismanagement and misrule.

Let nobody tell me any church nonsense because the church has no candidate.

Rev Obinna Akukwe, have spoken, if you claim you hear from heaven, stand up and challenge this.

(Rev Obinna Akukwe, Activist, Columnist, @obinnaakukwe)