Ghanaians Will Never Know Who Akufo Addo Is, If They Don't Know Him By Now

Feature Article Ghanaians Will Never Know Who Akufo Addo Is, If They Don't Know Him By Now
AUG 5, 2022 LISTEN

As the head of the household, a father will eventually lose respect in the eyes of his own children if he continues to lie to them day in and day out. Nothing more has to be spoken by the father in order for his kids to believe him. That proves that those kids have matured.

I don't rely on tribal media promotion and endorsement of tribal bigots' false propaganda to make Akufo Addo seem special and earn Ghanaians' continued attention and trust. In order to get to know him, I rely on both my own intuition and what I have observed happening in Ghanaian politics.

A Japanese politician, for instance, is forced to retire simply because he was unable to keep the promise he made to the electorate during his election campaign. This is true in many developing nations, let alone industrialized ones. For instance, once news of his alleged involvement in a money scandal broke, former Japanese agriculture minister Takamori Yoshikawa resigned from positions in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.


After almost six years in government, Akufo Addo has only a few years left before he leaves. Therefore, if he promises to improve the economy for Ghanaians today, they should ask him how. Will the president use Anas' ideas as he pledged, or would he make improvements to let Ghana attract more international investment as this author has long suggested?

After being found guilty of lying to the FBI in the United States of America, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is required to resign. In Ghana, politicians like the president, Nana Akufo Addo, and his relative, the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, continue to deceive the public while the weak, corrupt legal system that was selected by the same president continues to uphold the law and provide them impunity.

This is where Ghanaians should be educated so that they understand that if the president declares today that he will allow the crumbling economy to pick up steam, it is fiction. How long does Akufo Addo have left to revive the economy if he was unable to do so as promised before taking office and instead caused it to collapse?

Since it takes longer to demolish anything than to repair it, if you haven't already met Akufo Addo and aren't aware of how sly and crafty he is, and are still putting all your faith in him, as Ghanaians did before he was elected president, I'm afraid the average Ghanaian isn't intelligent enough. That unstoppable spirit has provided you the gold and cocoa, so you don't need to say that God will do it; just do it yourself.

The majority of Ghanaians were duped by the now-president Nana AKufo Addo and his vice-president Bawumia while they were running for office, even though the country's economy was much better than it is now. They claimed that they would transform Ghana into Dubai and that the cedi rate would be parallel to the dollar.

Kayayee is suffering, and Ghanaians who enjoy rap music are suffering. Today, it appears that the NPP government is using scorpions to chastise ordinary Ghanaians in contrast to the man who is allegedly using a whip to do so.

Before continuing with the article, I want the average Ghanaian to understand that this writer, who has spent more than thirty years living in Europe, has visited Ghana frequently without Ghanaians' knowing. I don't advertise my visit to Ghana, so I am able to observe the struggles that Ghanaians face anytime I visit that country.

Forgive me for saying in some of my articles that I spent over $3,000 on land and made an initial investment of 10,000 Euros to start a small manufacturing facility, but I lost everything when the chief, who is above the law because he is aware that Ghana's judicial system is as weak as toilet paper, sold the same plot to someone else, causing me to lose everything.

I do occasionally write about this for my fellow Ghanaians who want to immigrate to and invest in Ghana as well as those foreign investors to know that while Ghana may have a friendly welcome for visitors, nothing, including its legal system, functions there. As a result, one should think twice before ever sending money to invest in that nation. Until that issue, including the egregious corruption at the ports, is resolved, I will continue to caution foreign investors in Ghana.

That doesn't make me a bad person; instead of working to create a corrupt-free society to encourage business growth, strengthen the economy, and support the currency, the current government is corrupt and never willing to reform the system since they stand to gain from it. Therefore, if Akufo Addo says to Ghanaians today that he will improve the economy, they should question him how.

Is the president going to employ Anas' principles as he promised, or will he use what this author has frequently proposed to improve Ghana and make it more appealing to foreign investors? Although tribalism might be thicker than water, intellectual Ghanaians should be aware that intelligence, wisdom, and competence are more important for national progress than tribalism.

Why do Ghanaians continue to support a president who doesn't care about them and who has been a career liar during his time in office? Why do you keep falling for these dishonest tribal media outlets that support this corrupt government? Despite all the bloodshed, what do Ghanaians want to see before making wise decisions for themselves?

I have no ability to sway any Ghanaian to choose the best course of action for their lives, but I will keep you updated as long as I am alive based on my understanding of what effective leadership is.