05.06.2022 Feature Article

German students are scared of the black man

German students are scared of the black man
05.06.2022 LISTEN

When I take the time to teach my German students from various ethnic and social backgrounds about their future I look into frightened eyes after my presentation and see: the fear of the black man.

The "Good people" in our society that have never lived in Africa the life of an African to uncover the spirit or even get close to it of the black man. Their wish list is to turn the clock by demanding from their societies:

  • Debts release
  • stop interfering in African politics
  • knowledge transfer
  • Patent transfer
  • more AID
  • more investments
  • more teachings on business and society success
  • open white markets for African products
  • better prices for African natural resources
  • no illegal exploitation

to mention a few. They never, very significant to notice, demand from African leaders best government practices or set up a good social system and innovative economy.

I hold against it that even if the above-mentioned wish list is 100% fulfilled Africa will not move ahead as the main problems only they can solve:

  • Africans do not value nor honor time, late at their own decisions
  • they do not work as a team or nation
  • they do not work for a long-lasting detailed and well-structured plan
  • tribalism still kills many people in Africa
  • Africans do not have the spirit of the invention
  • Africans do not trust each other rather the white man even of the past
  • Africans are not generation thinkers
  • Africans are not dreamers nor visionaries
  • Africans are more interested in today for their close family than in the wider good of their community and nation
  • Africans still are haunted by the evil spirits of Demons, Mallams witches, and wizards JuJu and Voodoo

to mention a few. When I mention the past, the mistakes done on both sides, describe the fact that e.g. 6 camps of today exist still in Ghana, and about 20.000 young boys on Lake Volta are working as slaves in our age they stop breathing close to tears in their eyes. When I tell them the biggest challenge in their generation, the next sixty years to come, is not climate change, pandemics, East and West conflict, etc. rather the problems that are caused by the black man, they stop breathing altogether. The lack of a good social system makes Africans depend on making 5-6 children each to survive in old age and on the road to aging.

When I mention the population of the 55 African nations to them and multiple it by above birth rate, mention climate change will increase food prices as draughts can only be tacked with costly irrigation and the reduced capacity of natural resources exhausted in many profitable sectors they bow their heads in fears.

I bring their memories back to 2015 the year they saw one Million refugees in Germany and the problems it had on the country which is just a rehearsal of what they will expect once I am already gone, assignment finished, they all look at me with unbelieve knowing that I laid out before their eyes the biggest challenge that their generation is going to face: they are deeply scared.