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Corruption is the under tackled Pandemic, but will the World Repent or Reject with Excuses?

Corruption is the under tackled Pandemic, but will the World Repent or Reject with Excuses?
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Corruption kills millions and suffers billions around the world, so it is not an exaggeration to call it a pandemic that demands world cooperation than covid 19 and other ills interpol and UN works on. Countless highlighted the problem before me, but I am blessed to present the most detailed global action oriented solution so far, arguably. Are we ready to move beyond highlighting problems and complaining? Can we enter a more sophisticated national and international classification, preventive, and curative or punitive measures? Corruption contributes to Coups that can destabilize a nation, region, or world. It fuels legitimate Refugee problems and false refugee claimants, and the list goes on. So we demand something like the ICC to start fighting corruption, and to set up a special anti corruption Bank to handle the seized properties of corrupt folks and to be smartly distributed in a pre-agreed percentage range.

It is no longer enough to have a vague corruption index of how varyingly corrupt all Nations are or encouraging it in and beyond their borders. Corruption by individuals, companies, and states slightly differ, so our approach to each may also have to differ.

Compromises and gradual achievements must be incorporated or we risk many obstacles. For example: The U.S , Russia, and few others are not cooperating with the ICC, but may be interested in another world institution that specializes in fighting corruption. Compromising on starting date of corruption to be prosecuted may alleviate fears that we are not hunting Hunter Biden or other corrupt companies whose lobbying power can be challenging; we tell them the past will be deferred to God, but the world seriously wants to evolve to save millions of lives and improve billions of lives. Me and you were sent to the world to improve world character, not just abstain from direct corruption, under resist it, or failed to push along as strong to strongest confronters of corruption, nationally and internationally. The preventive measures can widely vary between countries, but there should be recommendations, followed by studies, to identify best ways. The punitive measures must also be reasonably compromised or countries may abstain. China kills corrupt folks, but how many countries will opt out if Donald Trump thinks corruption is worse than the drug dealers he wants to kill? The countries less corrupt than China without killing may not necessarily have the best approach...

Classification: National Class A corruption in the Gambia or xyz can be over five thousand dollars; Ecowas or AU may choose Ten thousand or over; the world may say over twenty five thousand dollars. Then class B to F will also be defined by each. So if the Gambia chooses to punish class A corruption with minimum of twenty five years, Senegal or Ghana chooses five years, and AU chooses thirty years minimum. The guilty in the mentioned countries will serve their time, but less likely to be extradited unless the agreement allows it. However, by signing the general agreement, the culprits can be arrested when they travel and do extra time... Similarly, the seizing of properties may vary and we want most cooperation. So it will be wise for the AU or World anti corruption institution/agreement to dedicate at least twenty five percent of the seized value to the cooperating country. A percentage will go to the special Bank to finance world education of the under privileged. There is the argument that corruption denies people access to education and others, but lack of enough educated people in a country paves way for corruption to exist or thrive. When a Billionaire in Germany commits corruption and the seized properties amounts to millions/billions, 25% will make Germany cooperate, 10% to the Gambia for signing on will influence Senegal to consider signing, and you can imagine other benefits. The nationalists in Germany will then be educated that the 10% to the Gambia will be spent on specific verifiable things to reduce Gambians coming to Germany as example, and that should tame some of them. Others will be tamed by the agreement allows us to prosecute corrupt Gambian officials whom President Barrow refuse to prosecute or may under punish, costing harm in Gambia and immigration problems in EU+. Germany may choose to punish only class A and B, but EU may go further. Mere signing will deter many, but it also give hope to ordinary victims.

Evidence Gathering: worldwide embracing of culture of cameras is among our best bet to fight world ills, beyond corruption. So about ten percent of seized valued properties should be directed towards body cameras of different types and further research for smarter ones. With 5 G technology and smart compensation for whistle blowers, people will buy discounted or subsidized cameras to win more than many lotteries, while fighting crime. Special ads will tell the people how to report nationally, AU, EU, OR world body level, which ever they trust most. You can remain anonymous or otherwise. The EU or world body do not have to share evidence with countries that seems to encourage corruption, they can arrest when you travel, wait for change of government, or reveal a fraction of the most convincing evidence to influence elections. I have no problem with Russia or Wikileaks exposing ms. Clinton or a corrupt company U.S or UK harbours against poor countries than Iran allegedly Harbor Terrorists. Corruption kills more than Terrorism and do contribute to recruiting of terrorists. So the hypocritical hat must be taken off or God may allow worse than what we are seeing in Corrupt Ukraine. This is far from justifying the atrocities, but honestly saying the corruption in precolonial times in Africa may have contributed to why God allows a worse or lesser corrupt Europeans to loot Africa+. My birth country , The Gambia, encouraged mass corruption until God hard rescued us with questionable and differently corrupt Yahya Jammeh. Karma truly exists and guilty victims is not a term to 'blame victims', but sometimes should be used for learning purpose.

International Corruption Enabling Examples: When the Mass corruption in the Gambia was so vivid even to me as a mid-teenager in a country without TV or any meaningful journalism then, the culprits included the west. You gave the country to a questionable Enabler when less than twenty percent were educated to know how to confront corrupt leaders. Indeed the local populace have proven to be guilty victims then and now, but the west indifferently watched and sometime cheered in the name of diplomacy or 'better than worst African leaders' . Corruption contributed to the deathly 1981 Gambia's coup as first trumpet, but the enablers were deaf and insisted only primary culprits exist, no secondary culprits? Germany eventually hosted mr. Kukoi Samba Sanyang, the 1981 coup leader and others, but may be they are learning in prosecuting another Gambian decades after and not 1981 related. Corruption went further up after 1981, and western cheers went up, local frustrations went up, and God hard rescued us in 1994 with another coup. Feel free to endlessly debate corruption contributed 10 to 90% of the 1994 coup, but let us agree 60 to 90% of Gambians who supported the coup was in hoping corruption will reduce and lives may improve. Despite Jawara's popularity compare to weak opposition, most Gambians welcomed the coup in blind hope. Did the coupists reduced mass corruption? Absolutely yes!, but the percentage was not enough because they lacked the know how, among other issues. Within six months, the coupists reaffirmed they opposed mass corruption, believe in a small team big corruption, and helped expose another international enabling corruption. Taiwan loaned them millions including one million dollars in cash, to be easily distributed according to mr. Ebou Jallow, a coup member then. So we shifted enablers. Within few years, Jammeh raised and re-limited the corruption to himself and whoever he needed for the corruption to take place? Well, he arguably shared it with some guilty victims to sustain another inherited political lifestyle or campaigning. Culture can be a terrible culprit, especially when in bed with politicians with little or no conscience, and around hypocritical religious leaders.

Company Corruption: The u.s and China are strongly against corruption within their borders, but they both encourage company corruption abroad. Detailing how to court them and others require studies and negotiations. Just like individual corruption kills and harms, company corruption contribute to deaths and suffering. We must hold them accountable and can consider rewarding them if they expose officials who pressure them towards it. Sometimes they initiate corruption because their home countries give them the green light, and international law protects companies when they are victims, but virtually do not hold them to account when they are culprits. The present status quo is countries or regions can create their own laws and battle it out, very limited international cooperation. This is why you occasionally hear EU fined Google, Apple, or xyz billions for malpractice that affect beyond Europeans. African Countries or AU are sleeping and indifferent to African victims. Your responsibilities is not just to protect from military invasions, but deal with bad companies. You hire PhD holders who cannot think and more eager to marry wives, brag about local wealth, trade blames, etc. The fix and suggestions will lengthened the article and part of it is too sensitive for public discourse.

Funding the Start: Even if twenty countries agree to form the initial union, we can sacrifice at least one million dollar per country. We can contact Billionaires who value human life and hate corruption in smarter ways than Mo Ibrahim . We can also crowd fund it with the right people. Writing such agreements requires more than educated lawyers, but thinkers with conscience. President Biden wants the powers to seize the properties of Rich Russians and use the money to build Ukraine even before courts confirm corruption level? If he seriously opposes corruption beyond Russia then he should seriously consider this proposal, give me one million dollar from hunter's steal, as the 'big guy' with Nobel ideas and who believes marijuana is among the 'gateways' to intelligence, truth, and kindness; not the 'gateway to hard drugs'? He should shift some billions from the 'defence' budget, anti terrorism budget, etc towards this awesome idea to transform the world, help billions of people.

Sensitizing the People is a vital part . Sometimes people do not simply know the depth of their wrongs. They may know it is wrong, but not necessarily how grossly wrong and the effects in the long run. Again, using the Gambia as example: Too many Gambians justify corruption in very weird ways. Some think going to Mecca/Rome, fasting, charity, questionable asking forgiveness, etc can wipe away such sins between creatures. We will need cartoon characters with sharp questions about corruption: 'He indirectly killed only ten people, you killed him or jailed him thirty years'? 'He starved hundred families, and took care ten families, he was a good person'? Make movies beyond highlighting problems. Using the cameras to study and educate, not just to punish.

We sincerely hope the Lord will help us beyond words, to realize and asap. As believers in conscience and chapter 103, our part is to 'exhort you to truth' up to world stage, to possibly have forgiveness and endless kindness. If you reject with excuses , we will have patience and search for better partners. Hope you open here a camera factory or send 10 million cameras to the Gambia to pressure Barrow to be better than his adored Jawara and questionable Jammeh who outperforms him so far on confronting corruption, on the punitive aspect. We will also gladly show some of the critics of Barrow may be worse than him, proportionately. As terrible as the Gambia is on corruption, then and now, the world index claims we are better than many countries, including Ukraine and some other European countries. This is not a cause to celebrate, but rather a shame and urge of urgency to act, worldwide. It sheds light why God allows so much trouble in the world. Donate and sell cameras, not just weapons.

We have seen international supporting of corruption more than international supporting of terrorism and drug trafficking. Which countries are state sponsors of corruption with action or inaction? Now we want international cooperation against corruption beyond cameras, which will inadvertently reduce drugs, terrorism, sexual trafficking, and other ills. OIC conference is schedule for the Gambia, another body and reason to help the Gambia beyond cameras. May God Bless Show love Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and Transformer

Twitter: jarga k [email protected]_k_Gigo

Note: The scriptures claimed some angels feared '[All or many ] humans will shed blood and spread corruption' on earth? The irony is many did exactly that, but slowly evolved to condemn bloodshed with cooperation. Where are the ones to push for worldwide or at least regional cooperation against corruption? Dummy religious leaders will endlessly debate the countless branches of corruption, but what sacrifices are we ready to make to fight explicit corruption. Secular leaning countries are sometimes doing better where we were hinted to ponder on. It is important to push with efforts and understand our era may be like the last batch in a relay. Corrupt Richard Nixon fought for worldwide war against cannabis; different leaders fought for different things, but the Internet has make it more fairer playing field. African media can think to influence even newyork times. Similarly African leaders can write UN speeches that will influence ordinary westerners to the level of pushing their leaders to act. We can also act without the west and seize properties through our laws and without their agreement. Candidates will always claim to fight corruption, but ask even mp candidates to detail how they plan to fight corruption. Push for bills and see who opposes fighting corruption. Confront excuses, or many will be charged by spirits who truly understand the effects of corruption. We are helping even culprits ready to repent, or they may sin more.

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