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08.10.2004 Feature Article

Why I endorse the NPP for four more years

Why I endorse the NPP for four more years
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It's that time again. The season of electioneering campaign is here. Among the main political parties- the NPP, NDC and the ragtag band of so-called Nkrumaist parties, the NPP articulates a clear vision for the country. The NDC was technically in power for twenty plus years. Its formative years were spent as a military dictatorship. The atrocities that occurred during its twenty year watch-imprisonment without trial, confiscation of assets without compensation, politically motivated killings and disappearances etc. are all fresh in our collective memory. Mea Culpa The NDC should accept and acknowledge the fact that during its twenty year rule, Ghana was a termite-infested Potemkin village- a façade of so-called political stability concealing a core morass of economic decay. The NDC with its cadre of soi-disant revolutionaries and egalitarians mostly turned out to be ideological phonies and self-serving politicians with an eye for a quick buck. I see no difference between the PNDC and its so-called democratic offshoot, the NDC. The NDC is a party of conspirators. It is a party borne out of the murderous adventure of a phalanx of misguided ideologues who took up arms to overthrow the legitimate constitutional government. We are still waiting for the Mea Culpa from the NDC for the atrocities unleashed on Ghanaians during the heady days of the PNDC rule. Rawlings, Aryee, Smith & Co Right now, instead of campaigning on the issues, they are back at their old game of issuing threats of violence if the election does not go their way. Ghanaians are sick and tired of the unfounded allegations, treasonable diatribe and ethnic-bashing coming from ex-President Rawlings and the NDC propaganda machine. Prof. Atta Mills should denounce the vituperative rhetoric coming from the likes of Rawlings, Aryee and Smith. Prof Atta Mills should campaign on the issues and articulate his vision for the country, instead of playing second fiddle to Rawlings. Boom Speeches After eight years as president, Rawlings is still unable to discipline his urge to bloviate. Rawlings' actions post-presidency, provides the lightening rod for current political discourse in Ghana. Rawlings always provides political ammunition to the NPP as to why Ghanaians should not vote for the NDC. The NPP loves Rawlings' nonsensical and vituperative rhetoric during his so-called “boom” speeches. Rawlings' incessant use of demagoguery, tribal incitements and other cheap stratagems to stay in the limelight should be denounced by all freedom-loving Ghanaians. Will somebody remind him that his not a candidate for political office in 2004? Survival of Democracy in Ghana The NPP has within four years created the framework for the survival of democracy in Ghana. The press is now free and even the pro-NDC press can publish freely without the threat of the use of night soil as a weapon of mass intimidation. The NPP stands for democracy, the NDC believes in revolutions and violence. The NPP's belief in democracy has allowed the NDC to thrive as a political party in spite of its incessant appeal to violence. Is there a middle ground between the NDC's obsession with violence and an intelligent commitment to democracy in Ghana? Why will a party that professes a commitment to democracy and rule of law dissipate its time, money and energy to instigate violence in Ghana? NDC Conspiracy Theorists and Mumuni Accident When the NDC vice-presidential candidate was involved in an accident, NDC conspiracy theorists were hard at work blaming the NPP for the accident, while the victim was still comatose at the Military Hospital. Staged auto accident was the weapon of choice of the NDC during its rule. Does the murder of Rev. Amoako ring a bell? When Mr. Mumuni is well enough to talk, he should tell the whole world how the operatives of the NPP's security apparatus chased him off the road in the wee hours of that fateful morning. Mr. Mumuni was on a top-secret mission that morning- a mission so secret that he could not tell his wife where he was going. Yeah right! Gimme a break!

Economic Front On the economic front, the NPP has more work to do. The NPP should gradually dismantle the structures that have guaranteed the state unhealthy control of the economy. Ghana Airways, Ghana Commercial Bank and other non-performing enterprises should be sold to the private sector. The remittances from the Ghanaians in the Diaspora should be used for the development of the country and not to import luxury items for the politicians. There should be a downsizing of the Civil Service. Downsizing should be accomplished through attrition and retirement. Complete privatization of the Ghanaian economy should be its goal for the next four years. Ya Na Assassination One pressing issue the NPP should resolve is, to find out and punish the perpetrators of the heinous assassination of the Ya Na. The axe of justice should fall wherever it may be, regardless of whose ox is gored. So long as the perpetrators of this heinous crime remain at large, Dagbon shall know no peace. This crime has tainted the image of the country and the NPP's handling of the case is so inept and so at variance with its international reputation for gravitas. Let's find the perpetrators once and for all and punish them so that genuine peace can return to Dagbon. This should be our collective sacred obligation to Dagbon. Ghana's Destiny I still believe that the destiny of Ghana should be determined not through the barrel of a gun but through the sanctity of the ballot box. The NPP offers Ghana's best hope for the survival of democracy. NDC has performed woefully as an opposition party in a democracy. Their goal is to win power and seek vengeance and visit iniquity on the NPP for punishing the NDC nouveau rich who plundered the state coffers with impunity. Well tough chance, you will be waiting for a long time.

If democracy and the rule of law are to thrive in Ghana, then let us give the NPP four more years.

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