A Priceless Jewel From The Upper East

Feature Article A Priceless Jewel From The Upper East
APR 1, 2022 LISTEN

Finding a good friend is the start up for the success of a successful journey to be made. And finding in a woman great treasure makes one find fulfilment in living. Then finding the best solution to complex life situations in a woman credits you with a permanent solution. It’s of great value that our ancestors upheld the dignity of a woman by reverencing her as a sacred totem. Our ancestors were right to hold the value of digging deep to search of water: they knew water was life. I have dug so deep to win a woman friend, I know her worth apart from what others know about her; and I resolve to pass her values to generations yet to come. It was not for nothing again that our ancestors had to travel. Their traveling was more adventurous and grabbing knowledge. My travel is a unique one-a movement from the Western part of Ghana to Bolga in the Upper East of Ghana. You may want to know the reason for the traveling.

In search of the best gold; hence cultural, humility, and a highly intelligent woman to make a friend who will help build my dullness I set on this journey. Having heard a lot about Northerners and the fact that they make the best of friends, I started this journey by walk. Several months later, I found myself among people speaking a strange language. Curiosity made me draw closer. As I got along with my exploration, I encountered a pearl. I was ready to lose every wealth I had, provided I was going to secure this pearl. Soon I realised I was left with only the trousers I was wearing, for everything thing had to go for the sake of gaining this pearl.

Finally, after some extra energy put into the digging, my fingers were touching the pearl. It was smooth, shiny, excruciating, expensive and priceless. I knew I had to handle it with great care. Having had a complete sense and view of it, I gave the pearl a warm kiss-a symbol of friendship. I knew there was no longer a need to dig further. The best was what I had found. Naming the pear was significant now: thoughts of which name could best suit the pearl took me three months to come by. Thinking Esther was just a name I could settle on since I was tired searching, only to read the history of the name and to realise there was no name best under the sun than Esther. Esther is an industrious woman ready to accomplish every task. She has never outlived her usefulness. If today is 2ND APRIL and she celebrates her birthday, I celebrate her usefulness to me, to her family and to Ghana. I wish I could say much here but for the sake of researchers and future research, I will leave the rest in the dark for it to be uncovered by later researchers and wish you a happy birthday anniversary, Esther Atombil Awomeni. You’re the best gold coming from the Northern part of Ghana -Long live the northern culture, long live Ghana and long live Esther Atombil.

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke wish you a Happy birthday anniversary. 🎂🎂🎂📚📚🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾