The state of our Agriculture in Ghana's Economy.

Feature Article The state of our Agriculture in Ghana's Economy.
DEC 3, 2021 LISTEN

When food demand is high and supply is scarcity then food inflation will definitely rise rapidily making food expensive and people will struggle to feed. Is not only food inflation that has gone high and bad but the economy is bad and dry like a desert, NO Flesh,NO Milk NO Honey is flowing in it. Exchange rate keeps spiking , inflation is on heels and there is total few capital circulation thus making the Ghanaians life utter difficult to live in freedom without Economic frustrations . Is only folks in the capitalist class especially those in government that are not much affected with this heinous trend. Once food inflation is high like the price of fuel accruing, it affects the cost of living and general commodities in the market, therefore one can't impugn the menace in the pricing of fuel without rectifying the challenges it has on food inflation , transactions and trade as a whole.

Ghana's economy is in pieces because of the poor performance of Agriculture in the country. Agriculture is the pivot of our economy and cannot be perceived with inferior policies and politicization. Agriculture has exposed the Economy and the leadership of president Akufo Addo, why, because the sector cannot feed the citizens , cannot employ majority of her citizens and if the country can not earn revenue from export of crops and finished product of agriculture from industries then no amount of investment in your Economy can save your ineptitude and incompetence. And this is pricisely what has happened to the Akufo Addo government that refused to work on reality but rely on cooked and cosmetic figures to deceive the masses. All the brouhaha surrounding Agriculture is falsehood, gimmicks and cheap propaganda just to solicit sympathy for their incompetence but at the end of it the masses suffer the pain and government will continue to borrow to do the wrong things.

The Akuffo Addo lead government has leverage the Economy with a whooping investment of more than Gh¢240 billion in the last 5 years but things continually goes worst. The reasons why all is wrong is; the government goes on spree borrowing for extravaganza. Gh¢240 was purported to have being used to support the Economy but in actual sense this colossal sum was shared among Party folks, elites and even party brute hoodlums who turned billionaires overnight.

Farmers are the most vulnerable in Ghana in terms of everything especially in Economic terms and farming is a difficuilt tast that requires more energy and resources . Farmers are wealthy in other countries but in Ghana they are living in absolute destitute practicing their activities. So the Economic situations ravaging the country is a huge catastrophy to their plight.

Farmers day celebration is abused , it has lost its significance and it has turned to insult to farmers, our misleaders deliberately put up this day to mock farmers and mimick to care about farmers but in their hearts they don't care about them and the nation. Whats the significance of celebrating this day when our farmers are made poor by our misleaders and the nation can't eat in freedom.

Poor Agriculture policies, leadership dishonesty towards the sector and the lack of new innovations, incentives and investment in the sector has rendered the Agricultural faint and unproductive to farmers and the nation at large.

Agriculture is resilient and is capable of revamping our economy and transforming the economic woes the country is faced with. Agriculture can remedy our unemployment magnitude and also youth and graduate unemployment to mitigate poverty and hunger but we have seen how freaking our leaders are doing with it .

Owing to partisan politicization of the sector, Agriculture has performed abysmally over the past 6-7 years and this has affected food inflation.Food production has also declined. Our country is at jeopardy of food shortage and hunger will soon visit us in the years ahead if proper policies are not rollout to lift the sector from it's current status.

Agriculture needs more attention like health and education that is even not well implemented .The sector needs massive transformation and investment. Farmers must be respected and guided with new improved farming methods. Agriculture must be a priority to the state and every Agricultural community must witness development of roads, power , communication networks, schools , hospitals and recreational centres just to make Agricultural activity buoyant and attraactive for all to venture without difficulty. Incentive, investments and land tenure system must be revised to make the enterprise very affordable for practice.

And government should award poor farmers and not the ones in the capitalist class hoading everything.

Article by Fighter ANTHONY AKUDAGO
Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF)
Movement for Ghana First (MGF)
Email: [email protected]

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