Ghanaians are ready for a female President – Brigitte Dzogbenuku

PPP Brigitte Dzogbenuku
NOV 4, 2021 LISTEN
Brigitte Dzogbenuku

The 2020 Presidential Candidate for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Brigitte Dzogbenuku believes Ghanaians are desiring for a female President.

When asked by Samuel Eshun of the Happy Morning Show whether society was tuned towards that, she said, “Ghanaians should answer the question of whether they are ready for a female President, and I think we are. Women have made vast impact on the economy and leadership with reference to the first female VC of the University of Ghana. Most women also occupy top positions in universities and other institutions. We don’t have to skip answering this question because it’s obvious Ghana is ready for that change and I trust we’ll have a female to lead this country.”

The Founder and Executive Director of Mentoring Women in Ghana, further stated, women in leadership portray certain values which make them deserving of their positions, and not just because they are women.

She also explained women bring a different perspective and wisdom to governance, not purposely to win elections but to bring about change.

Mrs. Dzogbenuku adding to what makes a female leader unique, noted, “A mother knows when her child is not healthy and when her child hasn’t eaten. A woman wants her child to be educated and better than her.”

The vibrant women advocate blamed the construction and education of society for influencing the thought that women are secondary beings while, admonishing fellow ladies to know their worth, and come out of the intimidations they face to prove their worth to the rest of society.