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The tragedy of the African leader and the polarized democracy for the political class.

The tragedy of the African leader and the polarized democracy for the political class.
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The Africa leader is governing obstinate to leadership.And Capitalism to the African leader means corruption and exploitation, Capitalism is not yet good for Africa till we have an advanced democracy for the people. Not this democracy that is still at the mother knee.

Africa,we are our own enemies , we are the problem so we must work out the remedies. We should not blame God for our predicaments such as poverty,hunger, corruption, sanitation, global warming, desertification and all forms of calamities that conform us. But face the consequences and it's ramifications and find a lasting solution to it.

God in his supreme wisdom and power created mankind to live in harmony with the environment, He blessed us with wisdom, knowledge and a land in abundance of riches but man in his own stupidity and act of spree life of destruction and self interest destroy the environment and his fellow human to satisfy his own interest. If we set aside our selfishness, bigotry and discrimination and embrace love, wisdom and unity we shall triumph over the numerous situations befalling us.

We are today living in a bastardized and jeopardized society were we condone and hail putridness and perfidious things . We possess the power of knowledge to create a well enabling environment and a good society we can be proud of . Also,we have the knowledge to make the distinction of good from bad yet we choose to love evil over good and live in deception, greediness, jealousy and hate.

Today, our society is full of hate for one another, people are self lovers and celebrates people's failure over their success. Evil is gradually overwhelming, diminishing and silencing good with people desiring themselves as the monopoly of great and good things and wish others sorrows and agony.

We created poverty and sickness. We kill ourselves with the weapons of hate, jealousy and self interest.

God is impeccable of our problems .
Our behaviour constitute, greed, selfishness, hate for each other and the environment, pride, nepotism, corruption,failure to unite and conquer the devourer ravaging human life. These are damaging characters that needs to be fought against with all energies.

Our continent is endowed with riches but our own black leaders conspire with white supremacists and imperialist to milk our continent dry. Our leaders make farce and fury agreements with the Western that depends on our resources. In Ghana we own less than 10% of our oil revenue,about 5 % of our gold and this applies to other resources. The sinohydro deal with the Chinese was initially about $15billion but only 2 billion was feasible . Sinohydro is meant for developmental projects but is likely to be a a paradox. We may not see reasonal projects that amounts to the purported sum with the elephant share ending in the politicians pocket.

We have all the power to demand about $30 billion negotiating well but we have 2 billion as bad procurement .

Now comes a criminal constitution looting and exploiting the vulnerable Ghanaians for the elites class and shielding criminal politicians for close to 30 years now. Our constitution needs to fit and serve the Ghanaian society by given relevance to the people, recognition to the citizenry and equity in distributing the national cake. Also justice must be served in equilibrium . The constitution should stop decriminalising politicians expecially the very corrupt and looters but hold them accountable when they fail to deliver at all times particularly what they got in their manifesto that got the people to endorse them to power. The lame constitution is just a veneer and facade on dictatorship, autocracy and dross of leadership.

Africa has suffered disunity and lots of betrayal in the struggle for a prosperous continent!

A wayward president must be impeached and held accountable for offences that transverse the defalcation of public funds, corruption and dishonesty. These and countenances that are travesty to public freedom and accountability.

Kwame Nkrumah ones said "Africa needs a new type of citizen,a dedicated,modest,honest and informed person. A person who is submerged in the service of the nation and mankind. A person who abhors greed and detests vanity. A person whose humility is his strength and integrity his greatness." The multi billion question is, do we have such candidates in our continent,in our country? If yes then why are we the definition of the problem, if know then what are we putting in place to be as such.

I opine,we change our bad attitude toward society,the environment, morally and politically. We must forfeit what we have wrongly learned and adopted from the western and embrace the good part of it. We must go back for our culture and morals. Our leaders are not worthy and our elites are not also. What must we do? We need to change our thinking and uniting our ideas and strength towards industrialization, transformation of the various resources including human and development by transforming and harnessing the resources to grow every single fauna and flora. We must research, be creative and invest on modern science and technology. We should boycott the western if necessary and build Africa for ourselves and our generation. Is time for Africa and is time for us to make Her work again.

Article by Fighter ANTHONY AKUDAGO
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)
Email: [email protected]

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