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The crisis bedeviling our country needs a good and sensitive leader to address.

The crisis bedeviling our country needs a good and sensitive leader to address.
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The crisis bedeviling our country in this fourth republic is misleadership and mis government. Frantz Fenon ones Said " What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be"! We are witnesses of the opposite in the promises and delivery meted by governments in our politcs and governing body.Now the best remedy to ask for the redistribution of wealth is to approach it beyond any consequence rational and radically.

President Akufo Addo of Ghana vowed to protect the public purse inorder to ebb poverty and mitigate the suffering of the people but we are seeing the president doing the contrary. It was a Uber infantile tale narrated by the president to mislead and derailthe intelligence of Ghanaians so he can rage on the country's resources to satisfy his cronyism and party folks . Ghanaians saw a guile and disrespectful antediluvian and his reprobate cohorts in government plundering on our wealth without empathy. Ravaging the countrys wealth using incompetence,mediocrity, corruption and double standard as tools are what the people can't forgive for such a dishonesty of a leader. The president of nana Addo preached well as good politician and a would-to- be president then a candidate of the NPP and now in government doing abysmal, perfidiously and directly opposite to what he and his cohorts preached about.

The government of nana Akufo Addo has a world record in borrowing,adding more debts to the public purse than servicing the existing loans. However, his government undoubtedly abhored borrowing but today turns a fast and spree borrower showing nothing in development.

This government is a prosperous government in our countrys history when it comes to funds yet it is the government that has introduced more taxes than reliefs.These taxes includes communication tax and labour tax. His predecessor left a heritage fund and other funds meant to mitigate unforseen circumstances that might befall the country but the government of Nana Addo has grossly mismanaged these funds to their personal benefits. The countrys debt to GDP was around 62.7% in 2016 but rised to about 80% debt to GDP, borrowing over GH¢ 220 billion in less than 5 years.The government inherited a manageable Economy where a dollar sells at Gh¢3.80p suddenly accrued to Gh¢6.20p today making it a collapse Economy.This government also enjoyed a 3rd oil field and the deadly covid 19 turned to be good tidings and fortunes for government. Covid alone fetched over 2 billion dollars from the IMF and World bank alone.These colossal funds cannot be accounted for its purpose of building hospitals , Today,the 88 hospitals the president promised has not been built and it has turned to a sham agenda 111 which only had inept sod cuttings. The government has sodomized the nation to enrich his families, friends and party folks while savaging and impoverishing the people.

Karl Marx ones said "There must be something rotten in the very core of a social system which increases it's wealth without diminishing it's misery" . The political unfolding in Ghana is a good case study for this scenario.

Ghanaians are living in absolute destitute and if our leaders wants to know this and lead right,they should spend just a month in the world of the poor. If you don't know poverty and wants to know it; travel to the land of the poor and sleep in their hats,eat their food and drink their water. Use their roads,watch their children go to school,see the type of education and infrastructure they study under. Go to their clinics,do their work and live on their Economic means .Better and easier they should walk to any market in Ghana for trade purposes,they would realize the level at which the Economy has strung and how people are struggling to make ends meet.

The world of the poor is full of darkness and many lives can not survive there.

People cannot eat three square meals daily in freedom,foot their bills ,get quality education and live a good standard of life that behoove every human being.

We needs leaders that are not in love with the country's wealth. Leaders not in love with the Western institutions such as the IMF and world bank ,these are agents and puppeteers of neocolonialism and imperialism,their agenda is to impoverish the people and prey and control our resources. Western education, indoctrination and democracy are bigotry and not good enough for our development. We must build our own monetary institutions,promote our Indigenous investors and support them to reduce capital flight.

Our country is still under external forces and our leaders stooges and puppets of neocolonialism and imperialism in disguise.

Free education without raising entrepreneurs and having a clear job plans for graduates is a big fiascao to the country s future and progidy. We must prioritize vocational and technical training to create and add value to our economy .

We need to build more industries to produce and export for foreign exchange, untill we produce more and export we will never have a good economy and a strong currency and no amount of borrowing can be used as a support system for the economy. The cue is, we must revamp the Jute, sugar, cotton, fertilizer etc factories which collapsed and build more industries to employ and export finished produce for income. These are the mechanism for a resilient Economy and the regurgitation of wealth for all.

Ghana would be nothing to be called a successful country if our leaders fail to industrialise the country,invest in the unborn generation and fight corruption to focus on development.

Article by Fighter Anthony AKudago
Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF)

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