17.05.2002 Feature Article

The Greediness of our MPs

The Greediness of our MPs
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After joining the HIPC initiative with the aim of getting some debt relief and other incentives from our creditors, our Members of Parliament could not think and consider the fact that Ghana is poor so they are heeding to the public outcry and stop their luxurious demand. To the best of my knowledge, about 98% of our MPs have cars which are in a very good condition. What then is the need for the brand new cars? One thing our MPs should bear in mind is that being a member of parliament does not mean you should be luxurious and drive in new expensive cars. Why shouldn't they be considerate and use their 'old' cars? Do they have the needs of their constituencies at heart? Did they consider the economic crisis of our dear nation before giving themselves such selfish loans? Spending as high as US $ 2M as loans to buy cars while the majority are suffering does not sound patriotic. Even the constituencies you are representing are yearning for development. Have you considered that? This is the time for our MPs to recall that we voted for positive change and as such they should have given a second positive thought to their decision before giving themselves that loan ($ 20,000 each). That element of greediness, which has been a canker in our political hierarchy, should be avoided. What the MPs have done is a gross greediness. If this behaviour and action continue in our political systems then, we should expect nothing good from our MPs because they will be there satisfying their selfish needs and interest, amassing wealth and leading the nation into bankruptcy. After planting the local government administration firmly on the ground, with much power and duties delegated to the District Chief executives (DCEs), Assemblymen and Unit Committee Members, how often do our MPs go to the villages and towns within their constituencies apart from the district capitals? Let us be practical and realistic, the DCEs and Assemblymen do almost all the work in the constituencies and as such the MPs rarely go the villages. So, is going to the district capitals for coordination and reports require a $20,000 car? Then, had there not been the local government administration, they could have requested for a parliamentary jets to enable them fly over their constituencies efficiently.
Please, dear MPs be sensitive to the plight and cry of the citizens who you represent and don't just be there fighting for your selfish needs. Many promises were made during the electioneering campaign. The parliamentarians' selfish demand is in painful contrast to their promises. Try to fulfill your promises and listen to the people who gave you the mandate to represent them. Remember that a patriotic MP is not greedy but always put the needs of his/her constituency first. Greediness is a sin and canker, which should be eradicated from Ghana's political system. Let us work towards a better Ghana. Kwame Wiredu-Mensah 398E 152 St Apt 2D Bronx,NY 10455 Views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of Ghanaweb.

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