Why are our leaders not governing properly?

Feature Article Why are our leaders not governing properly?
OCT 5, 2021 LISTEN

We are led by a misgovernment that is sodomizing and depleting the country resources without conscience and pity. We are led by misleaders, rogue and dictators who are insensitive to the hardship plights and needs of Ghanaians. We are ruled by plunderers who takes merit of Covid-19 as a rationale to reckless borrowing for spree extravaganza.

With the vast natural resources available in commercial quantities, and the needless taxes government impose and loans from IMF and world Bank that government is enjoying in our expense; Do we need to even borrow for anything in this country? BUT

Why are our people suffering?

Why is our debt accruing?

Why are we running to IMF and world bank for more loans?

Why are our children begging on the streets instead of learning in schools with standard educational structures and atmosphere?

Why are our children introduced to hard labour?

Why are our women into hard labour?

Why is there hunger.

Why are our governments not governing properly?

Why are our roads bad?

Why are our systems polarized and putrefied?

Why do we have resources in commercial quantities, yet we are poor and mendicants.

How did we get here?

Religion is not the problem, colonialism and neocolonialism are not the problem. Slavery is not the problem.

Why is our economy not growing?

Why is the state wealth benefitting just a few folks in the political class?

Why is distribution of state wealth and development apartheid and segregated.

The problem is not our colonial masters. The problem is not the innocent masses paying bogus taxes.

The problem is not covid.

How did we get here?

Why are we not building industries?

Why are we not creating jobs and opportunities for the youth and the generations unborn?

Why are we not investing in our youth and the progeny?

Why is our leader's incompetent?

Why is our leader's double standard?

Why are our leaders ethnocentric?

Why are they corrupt.

The problem is not religion. The problem is the African leader. The Ghanaian government.

The president, after muddling and smeared with crass corruption and living in absurd opulence therefore inflicting gross economic atrocities to Ghanaians,still wants to procure additional large luxurious private jet for extravaganza purposes when Ghanaians are living in pure and absolute destitute.

The Ghanaian leader, the African leader is wicked and insensitive, incompetent, and absurd, very self-seeking and a greedy bastard.

Today, Ghanaians are living in melancholy owing to bad leadership restraining us from attaining economic freedom. A country that is owning Gh¢334 billion with a debt to GDP of about 80% sees nothing wrong procuring an additional luxurious jet to add to the existing one that is in good shape but sees everything wrong with completing the numerous unfinished and deserted projects. The president sees everything wrong with lifting and mitigating the ravaging plight of Ghanaians. He sees everything wrong with building roads, homes, hospitals, schools, industries and connecting villages with power and good drinking water

The president sees all wrong with reducing and controlling fuel prices, albeit, we have three oil fields and also the Kwame Nkrumah oil refinery.

The government must focus on fixing inflation and the economy. The government must have foresight beyond partisanship and mere power drunkenness and industrialize and decentralized the country with massive development by utilizing the resources judiciously.

We must help the government to achieve these by holding them accountable and targeting a third force party or movement to rescue Ghana by lifting her from the quagmire of bad leadership and incompetence.

Article by FIGHTER Anthony AKudago

Economic Freedom Fighters of Ghana (EFF)

Email: [email protected]

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