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When Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Mrs Favour Oloruntobi
LISTEN SEP 19, 2021
Mrs Favour Oloruntobi

I accepted a Face Book friendship request from Mrs Favour Oloruntobi on 29 August 2021. But that was a grave mistake I deeply regret. It isn’t that the money involved was a fortune. It was more like how did I fall “mugu” to this woman whose disposition I should have noticed from the start? I know I have lost my money. So, this narrative is not for me. I am only making my experience with this woman public to save other innocent Nigerians from further falling into her trap or into the traps of people like her who will sweet-tongue you to “invest” in their business, only to dispossess you of your hard earned cash.

To be fair to both sides, I will only publish in details here, the conversations between Favour and me and include documents that will show other prospective victims how these people operate.

Favour: It’s my pleasure to meet you here, Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo.

Asinugo: And you. Thanks.

Favour: You are welcome. Do let me know when you are awake, so we can talk more.

Asinugo: No worries.

Favour: Yeah sure. (I am) having a trading section. Registering my investors and also trading. Do, let me know when you are less busy so we can talk more conveniently.

Asinugo: You probably know that I am the Publisher of Imo State Business Link Magazine. Check out the website by clicking on The webmaster is uploading newly added information, so some information may not be readily available until he’s done, hopefully, by evening today. You can register your business on the website. The service is free of charge. But we have Group FB and Group WhatsApp platforms where network members interact and patronize each other across categories. Here, terms and conditions apply. Get into the website and scroll down for information on Categories. Your business comes under “CONSULTANTS”.

Favour: Wow, that’s good. I believe better days ahead. Good morning sir. Happy Sunday! How are you doing and family?

Asinugo: We bless God. He has favoured us with our hearts’ desires. Happy Sunday!

Favour: Yes oo he lives forever. Same here, hope you went to church. You are welcome. Sure you are having a wonderful Sunday over there.

Asinugo: Yes.

Favour: Thank God. I am sure you must have heard of Bitcoin_Auto Trade Revolution before?

Asinugo: A little bit. I think when I was working in UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) and there was this Ghanaian boy, a trader who gambled 2 billion trading. I understand he was jailed later. But please I need to go downstairs now for my breakfast. And then, to Church. I will call you up when am done.

Favour: Alright, if (you) don’t mind send me your G-mail address so that I can send you my company proposal.

Asinugo: I’ve sent you the email address.

Favour: Alright, I have just sent my company proposal on your Gmail you can check for yourself.

Asinugo: I will see it this evening. We are just coming in. We have had a very busy day.

Favour: Alright no problem. Just do have some rest, expecting to hear from you.

Asinugo: I have searched my email and there is only one friendship request from you. You may want to resend it. Good morning and have a lovely week ahead.

Favour: Alright I have send (sent) it now, you can check your G-mail. It’s already delivered now, you can check it. Good morning.

Asinugo: Good morning, Favour.

Favour: How was your night and family doing this morning?

Asinugo: We bless God for the gift of good health. Hope you are good.

Favour: Yes oooo he lives forever. Well I’m doing much well by his Grace. Hope you did receive the proposal on mail?

Asinugo: Yes. I’ll look at it this morning and give you a feedback.

Favour: Alright sir, I will be expecting your positive feedback.

Asinugo: I have read it. What I will advise you is to register your business with Imo State Business Link Magazine. The service is free of charge. However, we have Group FB and Group WhatsApp forums where network members can interact and patronize each other across categories. To use these facilities, there is an annual subscription of only N5, 000. If you register and pay now, that can cover your company for the entire 2022. You can check out our website: Your business comes under the Consultants category. My pension is too small for much beyond paying salaries to my cook, driver and gardener and maintaining my jeeps. Tell me if you want to advertise your business in Imo State Business Link Magazine and I will tell you the information we need.

Favour: Thank you for such a great and awesome offer. I’d be glad to share with the entire platform. And speaking about your pension or so, there is no specific amount listed for first time investors. Thirdly, if I’m sharing my business ideas on the Imo State portal, I’ll need proof and that can only come from an investor who has seen his results. You can start small and gradually it’ll be growing and you can sort out some bills from there too. Remember I am not based in Nigeria. I came here for business and I’d soon be going elsewhere soonest.

I then sent her some pictures of traders like CRYPTO MATRIX who are registered with Imo State Business Link Magazine.

Favour: Are you trading with Crypto Matrix?

Asinugo: No. I don’t trade. Take some time and study the website: Click on the website to access.

Favour: I’m not a trader, am an analyst. This is a platform placing demands daily and Auto Traders sell to them. All I ask is just try me for at least one week let me show you me.

Asinugo: And I’ve told you. It isn’t possible. Can we change the narrative, please?

Favour: At this point in time, I will allow you give it a thought. Have a blissful day.

Asinugo: You too.

Favour: Thanks. I really appreciate. No need being skeptical about this. Once you know the value of having an investment that refuels you financially, then you’d take the steps. Stop saying tomorrow, start now if you have the means to.

Asinugo: That is the point. I don’t have.

Favour: At least with a list (least) amount as low as $100 or the amount okay for you to start with. I really want to show you me. At least trust me with the list (least) amount you feel is convenient for you to trade with, I believe once am done trading for just 6 days you see ROI you will gain more trust to invest more. Success is never achieved by the size of your brain but it is always achieved by the quality of your thoughts. Don’t you want to ask questions and talk better about it? Not necessarily a big start. A small start can be great harvest in due time.

Asinugo: I really don’t understand why you are trying to force me into this. I already told you about a Ghana boy who worked with me at the United Bank of Switzerland in Liverpool Street. That boy is now in jail after trading off £2 billion of the bank’s money. I am sure you didn’t plan to become my friend so that you could add one more customer to your business empire. Please drop this topic for now or I will drop our friendship.

Favour: It’s fine. Take care.

Asinugo: You too.

Favour: Good morning. Happy New Month.

Asinugo: Tnx, Favour. I’ve been down with fever in the last two days. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow.

Favour: OMG. I pray for your quick recovery. Good evening. How is your health?

Asinugo: I am much better. Tnx for checking on me.

Favour: You are welcome. Please do eat good food and take your drugs properly.

Asinugo: Tnx. How long are you in Nigeria?

Favour: Just 2 months. You have my company flyer, go through. I’d like to help you create a small term investment which will enable you support yourself financially. I know you are wealthy and okay but you still need to know that this will still help some other difficult bills. Seriously, give me the opportunity, even if it (is) the list (least) amount. I just want to show you me. I want you to at least trust me with the list (least) amount of your choice let me trade for you at least 6 days. I believe once I pay you your interest, we will be able to maintain long time business relationship. I want to see you as one of my beneficiary (beneficiaries).

Asinugo: Are you thinking in naira?

Favour: I can never liar (lie) to you. I really understand your pain but trust me, all I ask is for you to give me the opportunity to clear your doubt. You can use any preferred currency. We do pay back our investors their invest (investments) with dollars and naira

Asinugo: So, how much is the minimum amount I can try with (in naira)?

Favour: It depends on your financial capability. How much do you want to start with now so I can calculate your interest?


Asinugo: N5, 000.

Favour: To be sincere, N5k won’t be enough to fund your wallet. If I am to check by trading dashboard, the list (least) amount is N50, 000 and (if) you (are) trading with that amount now, by Saturday morning you will be receiving N150k/N145k. After then, you can decide to go for upgrade or even earn more on referrals bonus.

Asinugo: N50, 000 is a quarter of my monthly pension. You think I should risk it?

Favour: Yes. It’s worth the risk just for 6 days.

Asinugo: Hiaa! Favour, you are quite stubborn. You remind me of the persistent widow in the Bible who kept making a demand from a judge. The man got tired and granted her request. But we have to wait until am back (in Nigeria). I don’t have any money here. But I have instructed the caretaker of my properties to ensure that all tenants pay their rents before I return. In such a way, even if I lose the money, I won’t feel the pain too much.

Favour: Not really necessary. Currently (the) rate is good and any wallet created now is 10 times profitable. Business is all about perfect timing and good market strategy. Trust me currently any amount is a boom. If only you know the advantage of today and rate, you will know why I’m persuasive. Even if not fully funded, please create the wallet now and at least fund it with what you have now. When you become a guru, you’d remember today.

Asinugo: I already told you. You certainly don’t think I’d jump at business proposals. And like I said earlier, I don’t have any money here. My pension is channeled towards my return ticket. On this, no need to press on. Nothing financial can be done from here the way things are.

Favour: Seriously, if only you know the advantage of today and the rate, you’d know why I’m persuasive. I’m a mother just as you are a father. You and I know that there are so many responsibilities entitled to you, at least with the little savings you have, once you put it into investment with me, I believe if we trade for just 6 days, what you will receive as interest will make you re-invest more and even stand as a referral. A lot of people undergo this same process. No regret. No money is in a safe. Your return back money is 100% sure. Even if not fully funded please create a wallet now. When you become a guru, you’d remember today. You know what?

Asinugo: What?

Favour: OK. Let’s do it this way. Since the least amount for a start is N50k, I will help you with N25k and you will pay N25k. Once you receive your interest by Saturday this week, you will send my percentage to me. Seriously, God knows the reason why he allowed both of us to meet (on the internet) at this time because currently trade is very high and 100% profitable. If truly you want my help, I urge you to try to start tonight.

Asinugo: I don’t have any money here in England. That is the truth. If you choose to believe, it’s fine. If you don’t, it’s also fine. I am experienced enough not to want to be stampeded into taking a panic decision. So, if I am going to take the risk, it is going to be when funds are readily available in Nigeria.

Favour: Alright. The fact is time waits for no man. You have the opportunity now. Make us of it.

Asinugo: With my blood?

Favour: Alright. Think about what I said. It will profit you more and help to solve more than your difficult bills. (Later in the day) Good morning. Happy New day and have a great and fruitful new day.

8 September 2021:

Favour: Good morning. Happy Wednesday.

Asinugo: Favour! I have been thinking about this your business. Many things I don’t understand about it. Plus my personal experiences with Nigerians. Early this year, one man from Kogi got me to pay him N52, 500 to supply me 4 Kalahari goats. He failed to supply once the money got into his hands. I complained to ACCESS (his bank). They said they couldn’t do anything about it. The man had withdrawn all the money in that account. So, really I am skeptical doing any form of business with anyone in Nigeria. Right? So you said if I credit your account with N25, 000 you match it with another N25, 000 to make N50,000. Then you trade for 6 days. What happens at the end of the first trial? How do I at least get my winnings, if any? Do I have to send you my bank details or what? Try and explain the procedure to me so that if it is profitable, I can consider joining more permanently.

Favour: Once I register you now, before I’ll upload, I’d check for vendors around with suitable rate and swift response. Now, on your registration card will carry the vendor’s account and your profile details. You will pay your capital in preferred currency and upload slip on same email or to me. Then your profile will be funded. I can then trade. Withdrawal…on the 4th day of trade, you’ll get another email telling you your rate and potential earning. On 6th day, you’d get a withdrawal request. Once you accept, then its process and drop. Then you can’t do one week again. You’d have to do 2 weeks trade, one month, long term (merchant). It’s just registration funded by vendor, 6 days of trade, withdrawal, and upgrade.

Asinugo: So, what do I do now?

Favour: First, all you need now is to be registered and be eligible to invest. If I register you under me, I’d collect the account you want your interest either a dollar account or a verified wallet. Can we proceed to your registration?

Asinugo: Yes. But I don’t understand these technical terms. For example, how do I credit your account with N25k we agreed on for start?

Favour: Alright. Forward me the required details below for your registration process. Kindly forward me: Full Name, Email, Residential Address, Start Up Amount, Recipient Bank or Wallet ID (where you want your ROI), State of Origin, Date of birth, Preferred Currency.

Required details sent accordingly.

Favour: Alright. Hold on, let me process your registration process now

Favour: Here is your registration card. Go ahead now and make your payment so your wallet can be funded now. AUTHORISED VENDOR’S ACCOUNT: Account Name: Moses Ibanga Account Number 3025596773. Account Name: Polaris Bank. Go ahead with your payment now. I need to start trading now. Go ahead with your payment process now. Send me the slip of your payment now. Still waiting. Your name is in the first batch. I need (to) start trading by 4 pm.

Asinugo: I have posted the N25, 000. No receipt available. Please confirm.

Favour: I don’t understand. Do you mean twenty five thousand naira or?

Asinugo: Yes

Favour: Alright. Am waiting. I really need it now.

Asinugo: The money has gone out of my account but unable to generate a receipt. I called my bank manager to complain. She is on her way to the office and will generate the receipt as soon as she arrives. Do hold on for me.

Favour: Alright. I heard you. I will be waiting to receive it. I really do need the receipt for confirmation purposes. I’m trying to upload but it’s below $100.

Asinugo: So, what do we do? Can I recall my money since it’s not going through?

Favour: No. Don’t worry. I am working on it already. I will make you proud. Trust me. Your name is already on the list. Am already trading.

Asinugo: OK. Let’s see how it’s working.

Favour: Alright trust me. I will make you proud.

Asinugo: If it turns out well, I will recommend you to others. I am the patron of my Town Union in the UK and we are about 200 families.

Favour: Trust me, we are on it already. You will surely testify to my good works. I believe action speaks louder than words.

Asinugo: No worries

Favour: Sure. There is an upgrade in your profile. It’s compulsory.

Asinugo: I don’t understand

Favour: You need to pay for upgrade now.

Asinugo: We agreed on investing N25,000. That’s all I can risk. And I told you from the beginning, I don’t do business with Nigerians. You said I should trust you. So, (do) what you want. I am not putting a kobo more in this until you finish your trading and I see what I achieved. (Later) What action did you take, Favour? Happy weekend. You’re not talking to me again?

Favour: Am always OK. I can’t eat your sweat. I am far bigger than that. God knows my mind.

Asinugo: Here is the official receipt.


Favour: Seen. But to be sincere, I am already trading but you still need to pay for form card and conversion fee before your withdrawal. You are receiving N150k. Your withdrawal date is by Wednesday. Next week 8 am in the morning.

Asinugo: Favour! Please do everything and just tell me how much I should pay back into your account.

Favour: Sir, to be sincere I am choked up with things, seriously. How I wish you could understand. What I am saying is the membership form and conversion fee is N26, 350. And you are expected to make your payment before your withdrawal day. Sir, just do your part. I promise I will make you proud. You won’t regret doing business with me.

Asinugo: I haven’t done this before. I am a pensioner and you know what that means. The N25, 000 I have invested is the salary of my ‘meigad’ for a month. And if you had told me from the start that I would spend more than N25,000, I may not have involved myself in this.

Favour: I am very sorry about the stress but trust me, I can’t lie to you. I assure you will never regret doing business with me.

Asinugo: Is this N26, 350 part of the N25, 000 I already paid or part of a new bill?

Favour: It’s a new bill for membership form and conversion fee. I am very sure once that is done, you will be credited by Wednesday.

Asinugo: Sorry. I am beginning to lose hope in the genuineness of this business. But it will linger in my mind a long while that Nigerian youths can’t be trusted. Am sorry.

Favour: I am a mother with kids and I believe that whatsoever I do today, either good or bad must surely live with my children and I can’t jeopardize the future of my kids for someone’s blood and sweat. Yes, you have every right not to trust me because of what is happening these days in the country and I will do the same if I were in your shoes. But I can swear with my life and the future of my kids for you to know how legit, genuine and reliable this investment is and that you are 100% safe with me. Sir, trust me on this. I give you my word. Just give me that little trust of yours because I believe only a trial will convince you properly my dear. And you can also go through my profile and see testimonies for yourself.

Asinugo: You know how difficult it was for me to agree to the N25, 000. You never mentioned then that more money would be involved. You lured me into it and suddenly loopholes are springing up. First was that I had been upgraded. I should pay. Then another demand for N26, 350. Like I said, I cannot invest anything beyond that N25, 000. Even if I lose it, I can endure and know that it was my foolishness. To put more money into this transaction that is going this way, that is completely ruled out.

Favour: All I said is nothing but the truth.

Asinugo: You should have told me this truth from the beginning that there was some other money to be paid after the N25, 000. I should have decided then whether to come along or not. But you didn’t. And I had an inclination to trust you because you told me you live in the US, visiting Nigeria for some business and that your husband and children are in the US. I bought into the idea because my own family stays in the UK and I stay 4 months in the UK and 8 months in Nigeria every year. So, I thought, it was going to be fine. And here I am.

Favour: I understand you but to be sincere you have to try and make sure it’s done. I won’t fail in my part. Never let your failures get to your heart and never let your success get to your head. I’m a trade analyst and nobody has opened a wallet with any analyst and recorded a loss. All trade is being monitored and only vendors have the right to pay out and fund wallet. All we do as analysts is trade for our investors and keep 10% of their ROI.

Asinugo: You even talk to me as if I know what you are doing. For instance, what is ROI? I told you I don’t know anything about this Bitcoin. But the way things may turn out, remember you have to put ALL the facts on the table and let a prospective client make an INFORMED DECISION on his investment. Because you didn’t tell me everything you needed to tell me before I ventured into it, that’s why we seem to be having a problem now. And I wonder if I can ever introduce someone else to Bitcoin if this one doesn’t work for me because I invested N25, 000 on your assurances.

Favour: To be sincere, you can confide in me. I can never lie to you. I will advise you to make your payment before the day of withdrawal. Just do your part and I will do mine. (Sends a video clip) This (is) the current rate of demands and it’s high, ranging from $450 and vendors are selling cheap. If you look at the video, you will see demands are high. I need your trust and it will be unregrettable. I want to see you achieve this as well, most investors under are earning a lot, building so many projects through the help of my company. Well, your wallet is growing massively but you still need to pay for conversion fee and membership form.

Asinugo: How “massively”?

Favour: Presently, you have $270 in your wallet

Asinugo: I think you will teach me about this whole business if we meet in Nigeria. That is if this goes well.

Favour: Sure, you can confide in me. Once we meet in Nigeria, I will surely teach you. But please you need to pay the conversion fee and membership form before the date of your withdrawal. Remember, your withdrawal is next week Wednesday.

Asinugo: And how is this withdrawal done?

Favour: Once you pay for the conversion fee and membership form now, I will carry out the process immediately. Your Zenith bank account will be credited.

Asinugo: Next week Wednesday is 15th. And I get my pension on the 27th. I don’t know how to do this. Any clue?

Favour: Seriously, no clue. It is compulsory. You have to try as much to get the cash before the date of your withdrawal.

Asinugo: So, can’t I pay the money on the 27th when I am paid? I don’t know who to ask for money because I am not in the habit of borrowing.

Favour: It gets increases once you leave it till month end and your wallet will as well boost up.

Asinugo: So, I should then leave it till month end. I can pay the N26, 350 into your account on 30 September.

Favour: No. The conversion fee will boost from that amount. And if you leave it till month end you have to pay $180 and your return back interest will be $950.

Asinugo: What if I pay N26, 350 on Tuesday morning? What next?

Favour: Then you are sure to receive your withdrawal by that same Tuesday or Wednesday at most. And when paying the N26, 350 you need to pay it as early as possible at most 7 am in the morning so I can carry out the process of creating your membership form and conversion will take place as well.

Asinugo: (September 13) Favour. In which account should I pay the N26, 350? Is it the same Ibanga account?

Favour: Yes.

So, after I’ve credited Mr. Ibanga with N26, 350 tomorrow, what next? I hope I won’t be paying any more money.

Favour: No.

Asinugo: So, what happens after the money is credited to Ibanga’s account?

Favour: I will do all (the) necessary (things) and you will be credited immediately. That’s, am sure. I will advise you if you have cash, do it now so I can carry out the process this morning. Note: You are sure to receive your interest by tomorrow morning. It is left for you to do your part.

Asinugo: That is how much?

Favour: N155k in naira. That’s your return back interest.

Asinugo: You mean N155k will be credited directly to my Zenith account tomorrow morning if I pay now?

Favour: Yes. I am very sure.

Asinugo: And what happens about the N25k you put in to make it N50k with which you started the trading?

Favour: It will be nice if you send N30k so I can be able to transfer the cash to you. I will use N26k to carry out the form and conversion fee process. Thereafter, I will use N3k to send the money across to you. Yeah. Initially your return back interest is supposed to be N190k, but N35k has already been credited to my wallet in dollars. So, N155k is yours.

Asinugo: I am looking for where to get the N2, 350 and you are talking of N30k. And besides, I just asked you if I will be asked for any more money after I managed to pay the N26, 350 and you said no. Now you are confusing me. I am losing confidence in this whole thing.

Favour: No nah. Why are you saying this? Just pay the N26, 350. I will sort that for you myself but be sure to receive your interest tomorrow morning. So, are you making your payment now? So I can carry out the process now, so I can be done with your profile.

Asinugo: I am calling my tenants to see if any of them can do that and deduct it from their rents. Their rents are only due in December.

Favour: Hmm. But you said you will do it yourself now. Don’t delay this process now, I will advise you do it now. I have to clear your profit now so you can receive your withdrawal tomorrow morning.

Asinugo: OK. You are leading me in all of this. I will credit the account. But I hope from all your assurances, it won’t turn out to be hoax. All this will be based on hope and trust despite all I have experienced from Nigerian people. And don’t forget I promise to get you more people. If it worked for me, it should work for them. I have many lawyer friends and townsmen here who are looking for where to invest their money.

Favour: I know, I will make you proud. I won’t fail you. I really want us to maintain long term business relationship and I can’t wait to see you benefit much more as referral, because you will as well gain more on referrals. I can never lie to you, I am far bigger than what you think. I won’t disappoint you. I am a woman of my word. Just do your part so I can carry out the process now. Go ahead now with your payment so I can complete the process this morning.

Asinugo: I have played my part. Over to you.

Favour: Alright. I promise I will do mine. I won’t fail you. Trust me, am on it.

Asinugo: Can you inform me when the money is credited?

Favour: Sure I will. (Later in the day at 01:14 hours) There was an upgrade in my trading dashboard this morning and all wallets got boosted. Luckily enough your name is among the list and what am seeing over here in the trading dashboard is you are having $550 which will be paid to your account this morning but on your profile you need to pay for complete conversion fee so that the conversion process can be carried out now in order for you to be credited immediately. You are expected to pay for extra charges for the conversion process which is $80 so I can complete your processes. Immediately you pay the $80 I will carry out the process and in less than one hour you will be credited $550. So sorry for the inconvenience that the value of stock is high this morning and your wallet boosted. But it is good news, you know. So, please kindly make a deposit of the $80 so I can carry out the process and credit you.


Asinugo: You must think I am stupid. Right? Please keep matters the way we kept them. I am not interested in any upgrade. I told you I don’t trust Nigerian people.

Favour: Mind you, am not from Nigeria. I am from Houston Texas. So, one thing you need to know is that I can never eat your sweat. You can see I have been active here online trading. I would say seeing your wallet boost up to $550 is good news apart from the charges you paying for. I can never hurt you. I cannot eat your sweat. No one is stupid. You need to understand that’s the last process, the last stage of your withdrawal. I know how you feel but one thing you need to know is I mean every sincerity of my words. I will make you proud. Just do your part and I will do mine. I am very sure in less than one hour, your Zenith bank account will be credited.

Asinugo: I said I am not interested. Is that not OK? I am not the greedy type, so shut your trap. Pay me what you promised or the road will be closed for any other youthful Nigerian “businessman”. Enough of profit. I am not greedy.

Favour: At this point in time, I will allow you give it a thought and as well make enquiries so you will know I am telling you the truth.

Asinugo: I just want you to pay me today, the N155k we agreed on. That’s all. Why is that going to be difficult? I invested N51, 350 with you. I’ve not seen my money, not to talk of the profit and you are expecting me to pay you more money. Wao. It won’t happen. So, like I said, it is either you pay me my N155k and we continue to be friends and business associates or you don’t and that road is closed for every single Nigerian fraudster masquerading to be in business.

Favour: Hmm. I pray you understand my point. Presently, you have $550 which is N225,978.50 Nigerian naira. All your trading dashboard is requesting is the complete payment of the conversion fee processes. Just as I said, in less one hour, your Zenith bank will be credited with N225, 978.50 Nigerian naira. Just give it a thought. I won’t fail on my part. God knows.

Asinugo: And I am saying, pay as we agreed. I am not interested in any more upgrade.

Favour: Since you refuse to listen to me, take care!

Ladies and gentlemen, this was how I lost my money, my N51, 350. I thank God I didn’t invest much more because it would have gone the same way. So, as many as will come by this should study the way they come swearing by even their lives and the lives of their family members, calling on the name of God and all that. I just hope that after reading this, no one else will fall into this devilish trap again. God save Nigeria.

By Emeka Asinugo, KSC

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