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Those African Leaders Condemning The Guinea Coup Are Hypocrites

President Alpha Condé was captured on Sunday
LISTEN SEP 8, 2021
President Alpha Condé was captured on Sunday

When Conde changed the Constitution to favour him a third term in office as a president, not a single soul condemned that his selfish and weaked behaviour and intention, it shows your hypocracy.

Here comes the saviour who has successfully overthrown the president through coup and you have raised your powerless voices against a process that is to give the people some freedom from poverty which Conde had subjected them to.

You refused to condemn the president’s change of a certain part of the constitution to favour his third term in office and here you are thinkig that you have the authority to condemn a process that has brought happines to the people. THE PROCESS IS GOOD AND THE RESULTS IS GOOD!

Majority of you leaders who are condemning his overthrow presented your faces during his swearing in. Your appearances at the swearing in sent the message; that you all agree to irregularities happenings by state leaders. None of you was bold to condemn this act of Conde for a simple reason: you also look forward to do same in your respective countries.

And to those international bodies and organisations who are calling for the release of Conde and condemning the coup, you don’t have the moral grounds to say a word to the leader of the coup and to the Guinea people. The UN secretary general, Antonio, should be ashamed not condemning in the first place the president’s move that led to the change of the constitution to favour him his third term in office but here you’re now condemning a coup which has brought the people of Guinea such a great happiness.

I must say that some African leaders do what they do because some of you organisations and unions have contributed in divers ways. You’re quiet when leaders are doing certain stupid things. International organisations must know their limitations and stop poking their noses in the affairs of Africa and let Africans find suitable ways to find solutions to their problems.

All of you who condemn the Guinea coup but did not condemn what brought the coup are BIG HYPOCRITES. You don’t have the moral grounds to do so.

I will sound it again here that “angry youths who have waited for change and have seen nothing will join the military and when they have passed out, will stage a coup”.

From Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, citizen of Africa.

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