02.06.2021 Article

Dirty Gold Warlords In Ghana -Youth Helps Govt Solve The Menace

By Albert Dodoo
Dirty Gold Warlords In Ghana -Youth Helps Govt Solve The Menace
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For centuries the mining and selling of Gold, has been an energy source of strength for the Seller and the Buyer, with the buyer having more clout over the trade because they decide how much they chose to pay for the Gold. Empires around the globe have fallen due to the loss in value/quantity of Gold. And for Africans who know very little about the mineral that they seem to be custodians of, perhaps its time they start looking into the origins of Gold mining, which history has it , that the first life forms from another planet that arrived on Earth and found that our planet had Gold, started mining the gold for use on their planet - and to get the quantities they needed to save their planet was why they created human beings... they are known as the ANNUNAKI GODS described in the Bible as the Fallen Angels.

Now, l am fully aware that the above would challenge many Africans who has been thought to believe in the bible stories that in part was put together to instil fear in the African (and all that travelled that path) , to not ask the needed questions that could help develop their (our) consciousness. Fast forward to this day, no one has ever questioned nor asked, where all the Gold that Ghana and other countries that produce (mine) Gold have produced for decades if not centuries are to this date. GOLD DOES NOT EVAPORATE SO let's ALL BE CLEAR ON THAT before l continue.

In Ghana, the poor management of this industry is now on a verge of destroying the livelihood of the people of Ghana. First signs are the visible pollution of Ghana's water bodies, giving birth to deformed babies, and all the other health hazards/challenges that comes with the poor and irresponsible management of the mining industry in Ghana by the leaders of the country. Galamsey, as we have come to brand it now, has always been with us, but the scale at which it's been done today and the disregard to our environment is why Ghanaians are crying out to the leadership to set up laws that would protect our civilization as we know it, else we as a nation would also join the history books for others to read about us.

In an online youth debate, organized by the DDN, it came to light that Ghanaians today are quick to point fingers at current government officials, and their reps, when in fact the real culprits to this menace are countries like China, Canada, UAE, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Pakistan, USA etc who all find local Ghanaians ready to do their dirty bidding/work for them. It then became obvious that if we are to tackle this Galamsey issue effectively, we should also mount pressure on these foreign governments since they are responsible for the destruction of our water bodies and global ecosystem. These more advanced countries have signed on to Global initiatives that are supposed to protect the climate/environment, yet they hide behind the ignorance of the African to cause havoc, which in turn is blame on the African. The youth then made it clear that, government can engage youth organizations such as DDN, to do the lobbying for Ghanaians, since the youth seems more geared towards a proactive approach to the issue than the political rants taking place in the country at the moment.

In closing, we would all like to see the right thing done, and if the Embassies or Consulates of these countries in Ghana, do not join us in creating policies, law enforcement interventions, etc etc, then using social media as a tool, we would flood their national media space with the real pictures of what the governments are doing to Ghana, and their lack of commitment to this cause would be measured as part of the systematic /institutional racism that is designed to keep black people in the dark at all times. 2021 is the year of Light for all Africans. So let's stop with the ranting and get to work to solve our country's Galamsey issue. The real Dirty Gold Warlords in Ghana can be found in the Embassies and Consulates of the countries where our Gold ends up.

Knowledge is power indeed and we are hoping our media landscape would help present the needed knowledge for our development as a people. Long live mother Ghana.

Albert Dodoo



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