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07.05.2021 Feature Article

The Culture Of Silence In Democracy As Advocated By Nana Addo

The Culture Of Silence In Democracy As Advocated By Nana Addo
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The Nana administration has aimed at chaining Ghanaians, putting padlocks on their mouths. He has therefore asked his minister of defense to purchase 3o million padlocks for each Ghanaian. You only have to speak against his administration, and you will be served with one. All Ghanaians are required to keep quiet, or else, be ready to serve your country in prison.

The Nana Addo administration is threatening the practice of democracy in Ghana.

Ghanaians are now being treated like rams being led to the slaughter house. Silent, every Ghanaian!

Who are you to say a word? You must be super strong, able to resist the bending laws of Ghana. Before you say a word, please take a three hundred degrees turn to see if Nana Addo is not around, or that none of his spies are around. You either end up in prison or you’re kidnapped.

Yes, it was Nana Addo who urged ghanaians to participate in the building of the country under his administration on the 7th of January 2017, he has however changed his mind. After all only a fool doesn’t change his mind. The president of Ghana now requires all Ghanaians to be spectators, not citizens. Anyone who tries to be a citizen of Ghana will face charges.

First it was the police officer, ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor. Now it is Captain Smart-an Angel tv presenter. The police officer faced court charges for an “alleged plot of cou,” when he actually updated Ghanaians on the composition of the Ghana Police Service. You all are witnesses to what happened.

Captain Smart, a smart political critic has to suffer the ‘dumb syndrome’ for criticising the Nana Addo government. Reports show that his manager has suspended him for serving Ghanaians in his right capacity as a critic. The manager did what he did, may be to protect, first, his tv station and second to protect Captain Smart. Where as in the first case, 'protecting the TV stations' may be the best choice for the manager, the latter does not protect Captain. Captain Smart does not need the protection of anyone. It is the democracy of Ghana that needs to be protected now.

Democracy is under great threat in Ghana and it is required of every Ghanaian to join the battlefield to protect it. It is the only legacy our ancestor, J. J. Rawlings has left behind for us. It is actually the only asset every Ghanaian has since we have all lost our economic glory. It needs to be protected.

We were all here when under this Nana Addo government, the judiciary service of Ghana threatened media freedom in a letter they released. I wouldn’t want to talk about it since I have already dealt with it in an article titled “Media Freedom in Chains in Ghana.”

What remains a burden for me is the fact that our economy is not working although Ghana has ‘everything some'. As Ghanaians are thinking of what to do to get food served on the table in a difficult economy, their voices too are ending them somewhere bad.

It is only those who have chosen to follow the stupid status quo who remain free and observe that there is democracy. Those few of us who cannot keep quiet have noticed that there is no freedom in Ghana.

The constitution of Ghana is only one old book in an abandoned archive. Only the ‘will of individual state leaders’ rule this big nation.

The truth is that there are some few Ghanaians who will continue to speak out untill they end in prison where we wish to serve Ghana from.

God bless our Homeland Ghana and make her Great and Strong.

Authored by Emmanuel Graham Nyameke (servant of Ghana)

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