15.12.2020 Feature Article

Let's remain calm after the December election

Let's remain calm after the December election
15.12.2020 LISTEN

Ghana the first nation to gain independence in Africa South of the Sahara is considered worldwide as a peaceful nation. However, happenings after the just-ended election on 7th December seems to be giving Ghana a different outlook.

After the polls which gave the NPP and NDC almost equal number of MPs in parliament with President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo being declared the winner of the Presidential poll, a number of towns across the country are being turned into battlegrounds with youth groups going on a rampage to attack some MPs DCE's destroying properties and threatening to kill people.

THIS level of atrocities doesn't happen after polls since the inception of the 4th Republic in 1992. The activities of the wayward groups is considered by many as 'unGhanaian'. Indeed since the inception of the fourth Republic Ghana had not witnessed ugly scenes such as this after presidential and parliamentary polls. We must make a move to put a stop to it, otherwise it would affect our reputation as a peaceful nation.

Even though the police and other members of our security system have been deployed to ensure peace during and after the polls, their presence seem to be ineffective as expected as though they're not well prepared for their roles. HOWEVER IT'S BELIEVED THEY'LL MANAGE TO WORK FOR THE GOOD OF GHANA.

Even though the NDC which claims to have detected flaws in the polls are challenging the results of the polls they are not seen to be responsible for the sttrocities. This is because though the leaders of the party are aggrieved with the polls, their leaders have been heard ordering their members to go out to demonstrate but not to go on rampage.

The NPP whose candidate, Nana Addo was declared winner has also been calling for peace in the country, calling on NPP members to be modest in their celebration. SINCE THE TWO PARTIES ARE FOR PEACE, It's our prayer that the other political parties AND GHANAIANS GENERALLY would follow suit by calling on their FOLLOWERS to remain calm and peaceful.

For that matter all the youths embarking on rampage must put a stop to the acts of vigilantism. They must know that being young, they can go about their lives as students, workers as the nation thrives under any party in government. Before the polls a peace PACT was signed between the contending parties in the presence of religious leaders through the help of Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG). UNDER the agreement the leadership of the contending parties especially NPP & NDC agreed to ensure peace during and after the polls.

If after the polls any of the parties have grievances the only avenue left for them is to put forward their grievances to the ELECTORAL Commission or the law courts for redress. According to IDEG the supreme court has the Mandate to resolve disputes and give interpretations to elevtoral laws.

It happened that when Nana Addo lost a Presidential Election against John MAHAMA in 2012 he took the matter to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of John MAHAMA. Nana Addo accepted the verdict and moved on. Currently the NPP, NDC and the other political parties deserve commentation for remaining calm during and after polls. The NCCE the NATIONAL MEDIA COMMISSION, GJA, NATIONAL PEACE COUNCIL, RELIGIOUS GROUPS & OTHER CIVIL SOCIETIES in the country must continue playing their parts of promoting peace in Ghana. They can do so in their CHURCHES, MOSQUES, and NEIGHBOURHOODS.

Ghana must continue to march on as a peaceful nation. Since both NPP and NDC have a good number of MPs in parliament it's believed that we are gradually moving away from the winner takes all's our belief that the new Parliament would together do well by ensuring the enactment of good laws in the country to ensure the promotion of education of our children and unborn generations.

They'll also ensure good infrastructure and honest and credible use of our natural and financial resources in Ghana. Let's consider Ghana as a nation that belongs to all of us whether we are Muslims, Christians, or members of different ethnic & political parties. We must continue to pay attention to living peacefully in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, markets, and business centers.

I believe that Ghanaians know that we are one people in one nation with a common destiny with brothers & family members sharing different political parties and still working together. We must therefore promote peace and unity wherever we are and whatever roles we play in the country. That would keep Ghana peaceful in our time & for a long time to come


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