Prophet Nigel Gaisie And The Mahama Presidency: Fame Or A Probability To Reap A Political Favour?

Feature Article Prophet Nigel Gaisie And The Mahama Presidency: Fame Or A Probability To Reap A Political Favour?
AUG 28, 2020 LISTEN

Once again another election year is here with us and the norm of many men of God of predicting the future outcome with the power of God has started. Ghana is blessed with many Christian denominations and so it is classified as a Christian country.

Despite the fact that a number of us are Muslims and traditionalists, the country is predominant with Christian worshippers. With many pastors, prophets, evangelists, elders, bishops etc. abound, it is not surprising when any of them begin to get interested in the affairs of the country including politics.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie of Prophetic Hill Chapel rose to fame after correctly predicting (so-called) the imminent death of a popular dance hall artist, Ebony. He shot to the limelight when Ebony died and the news of his prophecies went viral on social media. From there, he has been in the news for both good and bad reasons.

Just not long ago, a popular singer and an NDC activist, Mizbel, accused the man of God of using some clandestine means to outwit her emotions. Mr. Kennedy Agyagpon, MP for Assin Central, on his show, the ‘Hot Seat’, had also accused the man of God of engaging in nefarious activities with women. One of these accusations had come from one of Gaisie’s former servants who took his seat at the show to unveil the bad side of his former boss.

Well, I have learned that the status of Prophet Gaisie had been shot from being a prophet of his church to a national prophet for being able to correctly predict events of the future not only in Ghana but other countries as well. Until now, we did not even know that Gaisie had predicted correctly the NDC winning the 2012 elections and that of NPP winning the 2016.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Ghanaians give more attention to prophetic utterances largely because many of us are Christians and believe in the power of God. Many men of God take advantage of this kind of attitude and prey on the minds of the vulnerable. Gaisie in most utterances had insisted that NDC will win the 2020 election and at some point had doubted himself of the same and said they needed to do certain things right before. We woke up to another day and again Gaisie had taken to his social media handle to reinforce his claims that when he entered into the realms of the spirit, he heard a loud voice saying “Mahama will be the next president of Ghana”.

I believe that God speaks to his children about future events and it could be that Gaisie heard it rightly. Notwithstanding, I will also not be naïve to be misled by a prophecy which could influence people’s choice of a president under democratic rule. Democracy is people chosen not God chosen. I have some few questions to ask Prophet Gaisie: (1) Why did God allow the defeat of Mahama? (2) Why will God bring Nana Addo and want to remove him afterwards? His answers to these questions will help us to inform our spiritual minds about the doings of the lord in these last days.

What is even interesting is that we have had similar prophecies in the past which never materialized. We heard prophets prophesying that Nana Addo can never become president in this country. Again, we have had more prophets and other men of God also coming out boldly to say that NPP will win the 2020 elections because the Lord spoke to them. Nana Kweku Bosam, a popular traditionalist, has also waded into the controversy of who becomes the next president of Ghana and had strongly discounted the utterance of Gaisie and maintained that NPP will win instead. Most of these men of God seek fame as well as political favour in return for saying good things about a particular political party or leader.

It is important for us as a country to understand that the church and politics are contrary to each other and the system of a theocracy where God appoints leaders for nations is no more. We are in the era of democracy where people decide and choose their leaders so that they can bear their own consequences. I want to put Prophet Gaisie to be spiritually circumspect of such affirmative utterances in the name of the Lord and or maybe in the name of probability so that should Mahama win, he can gather more fame and reap political favour.

Gaisie should take a cue from failed prophecies of many greatest prophets of our time including TB Joshua who prophesied the disappearance of the coronavirus within a certain time limit and had it wrong after all. I am not saying he is fake but his utterance is ready to be tested with the 2020 December polls that should Mahama lose the elections, his church must as well be closed down because he shall forever be regarded as a fake and spiritual opportunist seeking fame and political favour.

This is the word of the scriptures “when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him” Deuteronomy 18:22.