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The Next World War Will Happen Over Water Pollution---Environmentalist

By The Press TV
The Next World War Will Happen Over Water Pollution---Environmentalist
05 JUN 2020 LISTEN

Environment is the most important aspect to survive on this planet. Humans tend to forget that without a balanced environment, life cannot be sustainable. And with climate change upon us, with sea levels on the rise and increasing numbers of earthquakes, floods, and droughts, we cannot stress on this enough.

A Concerned Citizen and Environmental Activist, Mr Emmanuel Adu-Boateng has emphasized that, the next world war will happen over water Crises and for that matter we should all help to against water pollution. Ashanti Regional Editor in an exclusive interview with Mr. Emmanuel Adu-Boateng said I want every human being on this planet to have the same opportunities that I have had to pursue their education and their dreams. But right now, do you know that 780 million people do not have access to an improved water source?

However, with over 23 million people lacking access to safe water, the need in Ghana is significant. Despite an investment of roughly half a billion US dollars in infrastructure development over the past 20 years from the government and its partners, many people in Ghana still lack affordable access to safe water.

The increase in contamination and pollution of our precious resources, and even more importantly, the exploitation of protected forest areas as they are roped in for various business ventures needs to stop immediately if we are to hope for human survival.

Although progress has been made, the majority of rural water systems fail prematurely: current estimates indicate that 29% of all rural and peri-urban hand pumps are broken, and an additional 49% are partially functioning. (According to, Safe Water Network).

That is why in this trying times of covid-19 Pandemic, it is important to remind ourselves of the deteriorated nature of surface water in Ghana. Where were all these campaigners in this consistent times of fighting illegal mining which has destroyed almost all our surface waters?. As a people we mostly say that a desperate time comes with desperate measures Vis-à-Vis the pandemic. Did we think about this desperate saying in our fight to save our waters?

Now all the citizens have come to support our president’s measures to fight this lethal virus, experts opinions are being sought, campaigns here and there, new legislation, closing our borders to foreigners, deporting foreign nationals from virus infested nations etc.

Mr. President, Ghanaian waters are on the verge of complete destruction and at the point where it cannot be reversed. Please we need this kind of enthusiasm to fight Galamsay in Ghana. We need, if not similar, the same measures to sustain our surface waters. Let’s give equal attention to this irreplaceable God given natural resource.

It is unimaginable how much money the world will lose to fight this pandemic that is why I also beg you to imagine how much the country will lose in times of complete surface water pollution.

Far worse than the amount gone down to selfish inconsiderate and unpatriotic few Ghanaian pockets.

My fellow Ghanaians, the water pollution fight is not a fight for only our leaders. It is for all of us. It Is time for us to take responsibility of our future by joining the campaign against water pollution. We need to be proactive to secure our future for ourselves and generations yet unborn. There is a saying that the next world war will happen over water crises, think of this for a moment.

Do we stay for water crises to happen before taking proactive measures? Mother Ghana is all of us. As we follow health precautions to sanitize our hands in the pandemic season, let’s have time to sanitize our surface waters too, not because they need us, but because we need them more.