28.05.2020 Feature Article

Extend training for police recruits to 12 months - Police administration urged

Extend training for police recruits to 12 months  - Police administration urged
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The Police administration has been urged to consider reviewing the training duration for police recruits from six months to a maximum of twelve months.

Social Commentator and Youth Activist Mr Kwabena Frimpong believes that the police are responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public law and order but the period of training is woefully adequate to equip them physically and mentally for this challenges.

He is of the view that their professional responsibilities could be carried out in a more professional manner if the period of time used to train new police personnel is extended beyond the current six months period.

Mr Kwabena Frimpong on Kumasi-based Boss Fm lamented that as a result of the shorter period used in training the personnel recruited into the police service, there seems to be a rush on the training and this does not help in any way as they fail to acquire the necessary professional skills needed for effective policing.

He has therefore called for a national discourse on the issue for the necessary amendments to be effected.

Mr Frimpong in his submission posited that most of the actions taken by some police personnel expose them as not been much equipped for the needed professional skills for the job. This he said is evident from the manner in which many police personnel respond to matters when called to duty.

He cited an instance where he personally chanced upon a policeman compelling someone who had not put on a nose mask to buy one from a nearby seller by force.

"The Police as we know are supposed to be friends of the citizenry but we see otherwise", Mr Frimpong opined. He sorrowfully cited another scenario where a driver who has lost his way in the Kumasi city asked for direction from a policeman on duty who refused to offer any form of support

He continued that the attitude put up by some police officers when they are effecting arrest of a suspect leaves much to be desired as they exhibit violent conduct that brings the name of the noble profession into disrepute.


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