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27.05.2020 Feature Article

The political virus in Africa is the vouch to her Acrimony

The political virus in Africa is the vouch to her Acrimony
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African politics is more akin to a virus than an administrative office set to serve the people by elected political elites with the gymnastic capacity to fight for the people's freedom, justice and Economic freedom. These political viruses are also cankerworms sucking the poor masses who put them at the helm of affairs. Instead of protecting the masses interest, our Political leaders occupy that portfolio to enrich themselves and represent their friends and cronies. The African politician are serving their interest and not the interest of the people who entrusted the copious resources and the countries fate in their hands.

The earlier we find the cure to this political virus in Africa, we cannot enjoy peace and we cannot stop crying and blaming God and poverty. "Poverty is another infection with its own consequences".

If we are able to defeat this virus, Africa will be healthier than its current state and our progeny will have a brighter tomorrow.

I always say this ;

"If the public purse does not matter to the citizens. The politicians will carry the purse to their homes *.Let's hold our leaders accountable.* Holding our leaders accountable is one of the antidotes to the political virus we are struggling with.

Some head of states in Africa are claiming to be delivering free policies. For instance, Ghana is delivering free Education from basic school to senior high level. Some politicians are promising the same "Fee education" up to the tertiary level. Free Education or whatever policy is a very good policy for Africa, looking at the mass resources we are endowed with. I think Africa deserve more than ONLY free education, their policies must include; free health care, free utilities like water and power. This would be achieved if Africa is United to build a more stronger Economy.

With the "Free education", I ask the multi-dollar question. How is the "FREE", especially with education in Africa, helping the African child or graduate to compete with the western world?

Is this also the kind of Education our politicians are rendering to their children? The answer remains a big NO. We've got it wrong with the framing and curricular we impart. "What is good for the goose is good for the gander".There must be NO educational disparities between the ordinary citizen's child and the politician's child because the politician child is not the only African or Ghanaian to withstand the next compounded western world, unless there are reasons to give different forms of education to ourselves, fake and quality. We must frown what compromise Africans.

Are we aiming at producing mass retarded graduates in the "Free education" policy! Half cooked graduates Or we are producing good and competent future leaders that would catapult Africa to the next planet. Our systems must be embarked with quality but not anything shabbily done.

There must be equality when sharing a national cake.

In the first place, How does "FREE" policies translate in Africa, when the cost of living keeps rising, and the standard of living remains same, worsens or declines in subsequent government. How will the masses enjoy free when inflation is not stable with no proper mechanism to control it. How is it called "FREE" when our currencies are appreciating to foreign currencies. How will we be free from Economic bondage when we are punished with free policies and increase the plight and toils of people. Africa is operating "Rob Peter to pay Paul system".

Africa will only Know Economic freedom the day our economy withstands shocks from external factors including the exchange rate. This will also mark the day Africa will remain resolute and independent than any continent in the world.

Africa must calibrate the performance of its own Economy and not allow foreigners to predict our performances. if this is not done, it will mean we are still under suppression and imperialism rule.

The day Africa will build her own mother financial institution like world bank and IMF and also create a common market for African trade is the day Africa will taste unity forever. The narrative will change . Unity is all the positives required to build Africa.

"We are saying enough is enough with African bad leadership and failures.we would not say we are tired when the wrong government is in power harassing the masses. We would only relent when there is Economic freedom for all, and the right government is in power pushing the struggles and needs of the people and Africa forward".

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