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May 8, 2007 | General News

Ghanaian Radio DJs Demand Payola From Stella Aba Seal

By P & P
Ghanaian Radio DJs Demand Payola From Stella Aba Seal

The latest album of the pretty gospel songstress, Stella Seal, formerly Dugan, is receiving massive airplay on most radio stations across the country.

However, the radio presenters who are behind the massive airplay of the songs are reportedly yet to receive their reward for promoting the “ODO MMOROSO” album.

Allegations reaching the P&P indicate that radio presenters in the Brong Ahafo region who were contracted to promote the album have not had their honorarium for the services, known in the industry as “payola” and are on the neck of Aboagye Asare Baffour of Nkosuo Fm, Kumasi.

It is alleged that Baffour acted as the middleman between the presenters and Stella Seal, and distributed the album to the DJs.

Presently, Baffour is allegedly claiming 20.4 million cedis from Stella Aba Seal as the total amount spent on promoting her album.

According to Baffour, he was working at one of the Radio FM stations at Berekum when Stella Seal, allegedly engaged him to assist distribute her promotional albums among the DJ's within Brong Ahafo region.

Aboagye said, as was the normal practice, he and Stella had a gentleman's agreement to compensate the various DJ's who may undertake the task.

His transportation fee for the distribution of the album was also to be taken care of alongside that of the DJs.

Baffour is alleged to have claimed that after distributing over 30 copies of CDs, which enjoyed massive airplay within Brong Ahafo, he submitted a bill of 20.4 million cedis to Stella.

It is alleged that Stella Seal initially agreed to settle the presenters involved through the middleman Baffour.

When Baffour Aboagye called at the P&P office in Kumasi, a DJ who had come all the way from the Brong Ahafo Region demanding his payola from him was chasing him.

Aboagye further alleged that all attempts to retrieve the said amount from Stella proved futile, as she kept playing hide and seek with him.

He claims Stella always switched off her mobile phone whenever he called and she heard his voice.

When P&P tried to get Stella's side of the allegation, our reporters were informed that she had traveled to Australia.

Her manager, one Ernest, in a chat with P&P could neither deny nor confirm the allegations.

He pointed out that SteIla is quite close to Aboagye and wondered why the Radio presenter should go public with such a business transaction between them should there be one.

In Ernest's opinion, since there was no written agreement between the two, Aboagye's attitude could be seen as a diabolical plot to disgrace Stella.

He however stated that Stella should be ready to settle any score with Aboagye when she returns from her trip abroad

Source: P & P

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